Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Awesomest Sec 11

Vector Salam

So, since I have nothing better to do plus Tiro and Adlina kept pushing me to make a new entry so yeah, I'm here, writing this entry like a boss 'cause everybody is being damn busy, preparing for tomorrow's celebration.

Since I'd said that I wanna make an entry about my classmates, so I just make this. At least you will know that I am totally fine being around them there in college :)

Here is the story of the awesomest Sec 11.

During iftar, I ain't in the picture 'cause I was late.
Standing from left: Sheva, Nana, Kie, Camy
Sitting from left: Hana, Yan, Umi, Abaikan, Shira, Ira

I don't know what to write to so I'll just describe everyone in my class. Personally. But, no offence please. Urghhh damn it no one from my college will read this except for Yan. Hi Yanggg! *lambai lambai*

Let's start with the boys first because there are only plenty of them.

CHIP - Our class rep. He is from Perlis, ex-Tun Syed Putra (Anwar Khalid's schoolmates) and he is very proud to be a former SBP. At first I thought he was okay because he's the first one yang start tegoq dulu but then aku rasa dia ni macam pilih kawan ja ... HAHAHAHA tapi bila dah lama lama you'll realize that he's just fine. He's trying to befriend with everyone. And he is a debater too.

AMIR - Amir is the eldest in our section. He's 21 if I'm not mistaken la. He's from same school as Chip and I adore him for his intelligence. He is a very wise man you know. He knows everything and I always feel so small when talking to him because of the gap of the knowledge that we have. Serius segan bila dengan dia ni. Actually, he's kinda friendly. I still remember there was a time when I felt down for no reason and we got into the lift and suddenly he looked at me and asked "Okay?" and I was speechless because I was thinking if I was okay or not. But still, I answered him "Okay. Kot." Once we got out from the lift, I went to Inaa and cried. At the hallway.

ALIF - Apart from Amir and Chip, this guy is the guy yang paling rajin datang kelas. Serious talk. And he's a good friend either. Even though I ain't that close to him tapi aku rasa setakat ni dia la guy friend from that section that I comfortable with the most. I don't know why. He is easily befriend with anyone from what I saw la. And this guy bajet M. Shadow *cough cough*

BEN - He's kinda quiet. Don't talk much I think. But he's actually okay with everyone. He's Avenged Sevenfold's fan either :)

ABDIN - He's the only guy from Kedah, in my section laa. Wait. He's quit. Let's skip.

AMIRUL - I don't think I ever talk to him. But what I see he just good with everyone. Except from skipping class and smell of cigarettes, there's no reason for me to not liking him. What I'm saying is, I'm good with him.

ABEN - Aha! He's the only guy from MRSM in my section. Kinda comfortable with him also but well, we don't actually talk a lot. Dulu rajin berkepit dengan Abdin, sekarang rajin berkepit dengan Camy, dia dah rajin p kelas. Dah insaf kot.

Le girls from mah section. Again, I'm not in the picture because back then I don't chill around with them much.

SHEVA - A Sabahan! She's damn beautiful and frankly speaking there's something about her that makes me attracted to her since the very first time I laid my eyes on her. Her voice is damn amazing too. She's a Christian but she wears hijab recently and I swear it's only makes her more beautiful!

HANA - I met her on registration day. She asked me a question but I don't think she's still remember about it. Nahh, never mind. First time I met her, I never had a thought that she's a Malay! Her face looks like minah saleh and her English is freaking fluent but she was wearing baju kurung. She always wear baju kurung and she really looks cute in it. There's only one thing that I'm kinda afraid about her: perfectionist. Yeah man, she's a perfectionist so I feel damn afraid to be in her group. I'm afraid if I can't satisfy her. Apart from that, she's being great with everyone.

SHIRA - Ahhh. This flawless face lady. This girl really has swag. Muka manja, flawless semua tapi hardcore boleh tahan jugak pompuan nih HAHAHA. Because of her, ramai dah terinfluenced to wear Converse. And I'm not an exception. What? Converse cantik lah!

MIRA - This girl is damn adorable! Muka bulat comel gilaaaaaa dah la kecik AHAHAHA. Dia ni ulang alik from Kajang, rajin gila -.- Nanti boleh ah ikut dia balik Kajang p jumpak Naim muehehe. She was trying to talk in Kedah but it really sounds weird you know. Sorry Mira, try harder.

IRA - Budak double chin yay! She's always excited during presentation and I have no idea why -.- But she's fine. Tung ahh dah pakai iPhone sekarang T.T

NANA - She's fine either. Mula mula dulu memang pernah terasa tensi jugak dengan dia sebab she's damn loud tapi bila dah lama, dah besa, okay la. Alaa kat maktab dulu ada yang louder lah HAHAHA. Dia ni pun okay, boleh ja nak buat sembang ka apa.

UMI - To be honest, the only thing that I don't really like about her is her makeup because honestly, for me, she looks wayyyy better with her natural beauty face. Other than that, she's good. A Kelantanese. You know how beautiful a Kelantanese is kannn. And she's addicted to Yuna -.-

YAN - Yanggg! Also a Kelantanese. She's adorable! Yan is the first person that I spoke to during my first class. She's very kind because she always give me use her phone to tweetjacked HAHAHAHA sayang Yanggggg.

CAMELLIA - She skips class sometimes. I thought she has swag but nahh, I was wrong.

DANI - She's a good friend. Sometimes she'll be Camy's motivator. She always helps others too. But sometimes she's just sooooo damn I really can't help it urghhh let's just skip this!

JAJA - She's 19 either! She rarely be in hostel. From what I see, she's fine. She did her assignment and present them well too.

JAM - This pretty Indian girl! Mula mula tengok dia ni kan, I was shocked because it's very rare to see an Indian that hang out with Malay a lot you know. But this girl always sticks with the Malays! Budak Sains Selangor niiii, jangan main main HAHAHA. She's great in her work. You can count on her.

NISAH - Budak SP baq hianggg! Budak BPJ. Kedah piau nohaii standard Tqah Burn ni haa nasib baik dia tak speaker macam Tqah burn. Soqa boleh tahan deqaih dia ni tapi bila present tang depan, mula la jadi ayu HAHAHAHAHA bai Nisah.

RUBY - Another MRSM student! I really feel comfortable with her maybe because she's a former MRSM too. Well, MRSM students really understand each other very well. She's from MRSM Besut which makes her anak Bonda Timah too! So we call each other 'anak Bonda' AHAHAHA and she actives in silat too. Sumpah jealous tengok orang pandai bersilat ni T.T

AAINAA - The second eldest! Second person I spoke to when I entered the class. Awal awal dulu memang ada benda jugak aku tak puas hati dengan dia ni pastu lama lama dah okay and now boleh kata she's one of the people that I closest with in that class! And she's the only classmate that lives in the same floor with me.

KIE - This girl is pretty you know. She's one of the closest either. Pantang ada masa nak camwhore. Tu teqa tak guna iPhone lagi tu AHAHAHA.

The last five names are the people that I think I close the most. Well, that's what I think. But there are still a lot of me that they don't yet.

 Spending a two hours Study Skills class with listening to ghost stories by Miss Tuty!

During Mentor-Mentee Day
From left: Mira, Ira, Chip, Jam, Shira
At the front in the green jersey: Our beloved Grammar's lecturer Sir Syataf Akhimullah

During Mentor-Mentee Day
From left: Me, Nisah, Ruby, Kak Aainaa

Back then, I wan't that close to them. I rarely chill around with them. I never had my lunch with them either! I was only befriend with them once I entered the class and once I got out, I would be on my own, trying to look for another Ninety-V or Aniem or Inaa. There's a bench that was my usual place. I always sat there because I could connected to wifi. Aiman Afif and Shah and Hairie would always found me there. Hairie is their friend but now he becomes my friend either. Basically, Aiman's and Shah's friends are my friends now -.- Aiman, Shah and Hairie were the ones who always accompanied me, had lunch with me and so on. Three of them are not in the same class so their schedule's are different so usually there would be only one of them that would stay with me. Macam gilir gilir teman aku AHAHAHA. So that was how Caek and the Srikandas were created. And my srikandas are Aiman, Shah and Hairie. By-the-way, Hairie is 19 -.-

From left: Jam, Kak Aainaa, Nisah, Ruby

Meet Kie :)

From left: Me, Kie, Yan, Danie

From left: Nana, Ira, Shira, Hana, Sheva, Chip, Ben, Alif, Amirul

Back then, there were Fiza, Rara, Abdin and Yazid. Fiza chose SPA, Rara got a scholarship, Abdin said TESL's boring and Yazid got UiTM. So we lost these people but I only felt it when it came to Abdin and Yazid. I never know which one Fiza is, I don't really like Rara, Abdin was my friend because I contacted him back then and Yazid, he's the last one that quit and he rarely skips class so yeah, nothing impacts me.

I love Section 11. I really do. All of us are great with each other, bukan macam certain sections yang sama sama section pun nak berpuak gaduh segala bagai macam dengan hapa ja lagi but we're not. We are totally cool with everyone and our lecturers love us too! Alhamdulillah :)

I think that's it from now. Told ya there's nothing much. See ya!

"Cuba la berkawan dengan pompuan sama"
- My too-attached-guy-bestfriend