Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So ...

Vector Salam

It has been awhile. I've been spending my time in a very inappropriate way. More sleep, less bath, more Wifi, less talking. Lulz. Somebody please wake me up because September is wayyyy behind and January is just in 9 more days and then I'll be 19; the very last year before I reach 20s. In another word, I'm going to be a woman soon.

That is soooooooo unbelievable *facepalm*

As you know, I am currently on a leave. From college AHAHAHAHAHA k tak lawak. I've been home for weeks but I just started to write today. Forgive me. To be honest, I feel like the desire of writing is getting dull for no reason. Maybe because I already express most of my stories on Twitter. Thinking about this suddenly makes me hate Twitter -____-

The result came out a couple of days ago. I opened my CMS after midnight and I swear my hands turned cold once I started to enter my ID but there was nothing yet. The very next day I went to Perlis, followed Abah because he had a job there. Then I went shopping happily, a way to get rid of the result thingy. On my way home, Nani kept texting me, asking me about my result because the result was out. I was speechless and trying hard not to subscribe mobile data at the very moment ahahaha. Once I got home, I hadn't changed my clothes yet and quickly signed in into CMS. There. The result was there. And I started to scream out loud while showing the result to the entire family.

What can I say about this? I achieved my target. Wayyyy achieved. I never had a thought something like this would happened. Miracle did happened. Nani and Aniem said if something like this happens, it would be a miracle. This is something more than I deserve. Thank you Allah, for everything you'd give. Allah is giving me a chance which is what I can tell, it's another test. Higher expectations will be burden on my shoulder.

Higher expectations bring you deeper frustrations, remember? *sigh*

I did my calculation. I need to get at least 3.75 for each semester starts from next sem just to get 3.745 for my final CGPA and have a chance to further my study in New Zealand (which is something I've been dreaming of). And what kill me the most are, I just realized how hard this shit is and how much I want this. I am starting to scare the shit out of me. I am starting to freak out. I don't like to give myself a hope. I don't want to hope or having myself hoping for something as big as this. I'm afraid if I can't handle the failure. I'm afraid if once I knock down, I can never get up again. There are just too much things to afraid of.

"Jangan nak seronok sangat. This is just the beginning. 
Tougher things are coming."
- Sistah

I know, sistah. I know well. To be honest, the feeling of fear wins the happiness. I can't stop thinking about the future and having such a negative vibe on myself. I almost burst into tears the moment I realized how bad things are going to be. I'm stressing myself, making things worse. I need to calm myself, telling myself this is just another test and I need to nail this well. But what can I say, people won't stop judging.

And for those yang still curious tu, Alhamdulillah aku dapat dekan.

Congrats to everyone, no matter what your result is. My dearest Section 11, congrats everyone. I am pretty sure that we nailed them. Fighting. Let's fight to the very end. More adventures are waiting, more lessons to be learned. Keep calm and love Caek. The Lengais are going to New Zealand, insyaAllah. Aaminnn :')

And dear Ahmad Asyraf Ahmad Rosli, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for the days we've been. Thank you for staying this far. Happy 29th monthsary, mokmok. Hearthang.

p/s: Hello girls, there is a man named Nazirul Mubin. He is sooo handsome like seriously someone should hitting on him *winkwink*

p/ss: Mubin yang paksa suruh tulis k bai.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Confession #6

Vector Salam

Nope. It should be confession(s).

I didn't planned to write this entry but suddenly this came through my mind just now (to be exact: this lately) so I've decided to spill it out here. At least there's something good about my blog. Well, I think so. And what am I going to tell/discuss/spill right now is 'HIJAB'.

Or maybe judgemental.

First thing first, please. No offence. This is my blog and I am just expressing my thoughts. No, I am not going to mention a name or what. No worries. But hey, if the shoes fit well, you can't blame me *grinning*

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

But let's make a change of it a lil bit, "Don't judge a cover by its content". Basically, both of these have the same meaning but I just want to make you understand this easier.
Book/Content = Hijab
Cover = Attitude
Get what I'm trying to tell you? If yes, good. If no, I'll give you examples.
"Don't judge a book by its cover"
- She wears hijab, she must be a good girl.
"Don't judge the cover by its content"
- She must be a bad girl since she's not wearing any hijab.

For God's sake dude, please use the brain that He gave you! I know you will realize about this soon, you just need some guide to show you the directions. Prove me that I'm wrong. Tell me in my face that you never have a thought of this.

"Pakai tudung tapi …"

Tapi apa wey? Buat maksiat? Mulut laser? Mencarut sana mencarut sini? Mengumpat? Tu problem dia dengan Allah. Salah dia, dia tanggung. Nak tegoq tu boleh bhaii tapi kalau ya pun biaq kena cara, ni dak kalau boleh nak jaja satu kampung aib orang. Ingat bila hang buat lagu tu hang boleh masuk syurga la? Bila hang buat lagu tu hang rasa ada beza ka hang dengan dia? Habeh bangga la boleh bukak aib orang? Please la wey, grow up. You're not a kid anymore, you can think well which one is good and which one is not.

"Alaa, orang yang pakai tudung sekarang pun lagi teruk dari yang freehair"

Memang. I admit it. Aku tak cakap pun sapa yang pakai tudung ni baik, perfect, dah confirm masuk syurga or what-so-ever. Memang dak la weyy. Tapi sini aku nak tanya, hang cakap dia pakai tudung tapi jahat, yang hang tu tak pakai tudung tapi baik, apa bezanya? Still equal kan? Aku bukannya nak masuk sebelah geng hijabsters just sebab aku berhijab ka apa. It just sometime it hurts when you're blamed on something that you don't do. Kononnya macam 'kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga' la ni. Just sebab hijabster lain yang buat perangai, hat lain pun kena tempias sekali. Does it looks fair enough to you?

And for the hijabsters pulak. Jangan la just because she doesn't wear tudung, hang terus assume yang dia tu jahat. Entah entah dia yang dapat syurga, hang dak. Baru hang ada akai. Nak tegoq tu tegoq la elok elok. Ni dak. Certain orang tu sampai jerit jerit gaduh depan orang ramai. Kononnya nak tunjuk baik la sebab bertudung vs non-bertudung kannnn? Hang silap la bhaii. Cara hang tu silap. Kalau hang buat freeshow depan public pastuh memang sah sah hang punya cara tegoq tu melampau, memang dak la orang nak sokong hang.

Dan tu bangang namanya.

Tak. Aku tak cakap aku ni baik. I am far from 'alim' or 'warak'. Like seriously far. Dosa aku bertimbun, tak terkira. Dalam bab aurat pun tak complete lagi woi. Kadang kadang pakai baju lengan tiga suku, p sidai baju depan rumah tu kadang kadang pakai lengan pendek. Bila baju lengan panjang dah complete pa semua dah, stokin pulak tak pakai. Memang la semua orang cakap "Hek eleh, stokin ja pun. Hat tu pun nak bising" But dude, you can't deny that it still counts.

Mencarut? Benda harian wajib aku tu. Sapa yang knows me well tu memang taw la. Tetiap hari asyik seru binatang kesayangan bebudak tahun '95. Entah apa yang specialnya dia aku pun taktaw. Perhaps because I'm one of the '95s too kot. My another favorite words: Fuck and bullshit. But please don't get me wrong. Bagi aku fuck tu macam kita guna 'gila' in Malay. I am fucking mad bila translate jadi 'Aku tengah marah gilaa'. Haa centu la kiranya. Paham dak? Kalau tak paham buat buat paham sudah. Nanti paham la tu, lampi sikit. Sikit ja, tak banyak pun hehe.

Tu baru bab aurat dengan percakapan, banyak lagi bab aku yang tak sentuh lagi. Banyak lagi dosa yang aku nak kira padahal dah taw yang benda tu uncountable. Aku bukannya bangga dengan dosa aku ka apa, aku nak hampa jadikan macam teladan la. Take me as a bad role model and be someone that is wayyyyy better than me. Jangan jadi teruk dari aku. Kalau aku improve, hampa kena double improve. Haa centu ah kiranya.
Frankly speaking, aku tak anggap orang yang pakai tudung nampak lehiaq, nampak belakang or yang pakai baby T ni as hijabsters. Sorry sesangat la noh? K bai.

Admit it. When you have a friend that doesn't wear tudung, and suddenly she wears tudung tak kisah la just for an event ka apa (kalau uniform sekolah tu dikecualikan), you can't help yourself from feeling delighted with it :)

And admit it. When you see this gif, TOP is the cutest and handsomest guy alive k bai.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Quick Post ..

Vector Salam

This is a just a quick post. Forgive me. It has been a week at home so I am going back to KL in




No. Just kidding. I have another 1 hour.

Actually, this is a revision week but yeah I've been 'studying' so hard at home. That's why I'm home only for a week so I'll have another week to do my revision since my first paper which is Study Skills will starts on 10th of November. Lucky me, huh? *grinning*

No. Lucky TESLian. K Caek k T.T

Because this is only a quick post, I'm trying hard to make this as short as I can because I can barely stop when I'd start typing this crap. Ignore me.

It's sad you know 'cause I'm finishing my first semester. There's no more class after this. And I'm pretty sure that I'm going to miss my beloved Section 11. Hope to see them in the same class next sem. Well, it is quite impossible you know 'cause most of them have the intelligence that I don't have. Shame on you, Syahirah Berhan. Shame on you.

So, good luck to me and all the TESLian or anyone who is going to face their exam soon! Pray for me, will ya? Thank you and see ya! :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Awesomest Sec 11

Vector Salam

So, since I have nothing better to do plus Tiro and Adlina kept pushing me to make a new entry so yeah, I'm here, writing this entry like a boss 'cause everybody is being damn busy, preparing for tomorrow's celebration.

Since I'd said that I wanna make an entry about my classmates, so I just make this. At least you will know that I am totally fine being around them there in college :)

Here is the story of the awesomest Sec 11.

During iftar, I ain't in the picture 'cause I was late.
Standing from left: Sheva, Nana, Kie, Camy
Sitting from left: Hana, Yan, Umi, Abaikan, Shira, Ira

I don't know what to write to so I'll just describe everyone in my class. Personally. But, no offence please. Urghhh damn it no one from my college will read this except for Yan. Hi Yanggg! *lambai lambai*

Let's start with the boys first because there are only plenty of them.

CHIP - Our class rep. He is from Perlis, ex-Tun Syed Putra (Anwar Khalid's schoolmates) and he is very proud to be a former SBP. At first I thought he was okay because he's the first one yang start tegoq dulu but then aku rasa dia ni macam pilih kawan ja ... HAHAHAHA tapi bila dah lama lama you'll realize that he's just fine. He's trying to befriend with everyone. And he is a debater too.

AMIR - Amir is the eldest in our section. He's 21 if I'm not mistaken la. He's from same school as Chip and I adore him for his intelligence. He is a very wise man you know. He knows everything and I always feel so small when talking to him because of the gap of the knowledge that we have. Serius segan bila dengan dia ni. Actually, he's kinda friendly. I still remember there was a time when I felt down for no reason and we got into the lift and suddenly he looked at me and asked "Okay?" and I was speechless because I was thinking if I was okay or not. But still, I answered him "Okay. Kot." Once we got out from the lift, I went to Inaa and cried. At the hallway.

ALIF - Apart from Amir and Chip, this guy is the guy yang paling rajin datang kelas. Serious talk. And he's a good friend either. Even though I ain't that close to him tapi aku rasa setakat ni dia la guy friend from that section that I comfortable with the most. I don't know why. He is easily befriend with anyone from what I saw la. And this guy bajet M. Shadow *cough cough*

BEN - He's kinda quiet. Don't talk much I think. But he's actually okay with everyone. He's Avenged Sevenfold's fan either :)

ABDIN - He's the only guy from Kedah, in my section laa. Wait. He's quit. Let's skip.

AMIRUL - I don't think I ever talk to him. But what I see he just good with everyone. Except from skipping class and smell of cigarettes, there's no reason for me to not liking him. What I'm saying is, I'm good with him.

ABEN - Aha! He's the only guy from MRSM in my section. Kinda comfortable with him also but well, we don't actually talk a lot. Dulu rajin berkepit dengan Abdin, sekarang rajin berkepit dengan Camy, dia dah rajin p kelas. Dah insaf kot.

Le girls from mah section. Again, I'm not in the picture because back then I don't chill around with them much.

SHEVA - A Sabahan! She's damn beautiful and frankly speaking there's something about her that makes me attracted to her since the very first time I laid my eyes on her. Her voice is damn amazing too. She's a Christian but she wears hijab recently and I swear it's only makes her more beautiful!

HANA - I met her on registration day. She asked me a question but I don't think she's still remember about it. Nahh, never mind. First time I met her, I never had a thought that she's a Malay! Her face looks like minah saleh and her English is freaking fluent but she was wearing baju kurung. She always wear baju kurung and she really looks cute in it. There's only one thing that I'm kinda afraid about her: perfectionist. Yeah man, she's a perfectionist so I feel damn afraid to be in her group. I'm afraid if I can't satisfy her. Apart from that, she's being great with everyone.

SHIRA - Ahhh. This flawless face lady. This girl really has swag. Muka manja, flawless semua tapi hardcore boleh tahan jugak pompuan nih HAHAHA. Because of her, ramai dah terinfluenced to wear Converse. And I'm not an exception. What? Converse cantik lah!

MIRA - This girl is damn adorable! Muka bulat comel gilaaaaaa dah la kecik AHAHAHA. Dia ni ulang alik from Kajang, rajin gila -.- Nanti boleh ah ikut dia balik Kajang p jumpak Naim muehehe. She was trying to talk in Kedah but it really sounds weird you know. Sorry Mira, try harder.

IRA - Budak double chin yay! She's always excited during presentation and I have no idea why -.- But she's fine. Tung ahh dah pakai iPhone sekarang T.T

NANA - She's fine either. Mula mula dulu memang pernah terasa tensi jugak dengan dia sebab she's damn loud tapi bila dah lama, dah besa, okay la. Alaa kat maktab dulu ada yang louder lah HAHAHA. Dia ni pun okay, boleh ja nak buat sembang ka apa.

UMI - To be honest, the only thing that I don't really like about her is her makeup because honestly, for me, she looks wayyyy better with her natural beauty face. Other than that, she's good. A Kelantanese. You know how beautiful a Kelantanese is kannn. And she's addicted to Yuna -.-

YAN - Yanggg! Also a Kelantanese. She's adorable! Yan is the first person that I spoke to during my first class. She's very kind because she always give me use her phone to tweetjacked HAHAHAHA sayang Yanggggg.

CAMELLIA - She skips class sometimes. I thought she has swag but nahh, I was wrong.

DANI - She's a good friend. Sometimes she'll be Camy's motivator. She always helps others too. But sometimes she's just sooooo damn I really can't help it urghhh let's just skip this!

JAJA - She's 19 either! She rarely be in hostel. From what I see, she's fine. She did her assignment and present them well too.

JAM - This pretty Indian girl! Mula mula tengok dia ni kan, I was shocked because it's very rare to see an Indian that hang out with Malay a lot you know. But this girl always sticks with the Malays! Budak Sains Selangor niiii, jangan main main HAHAHA. She's great in her work. You can count on her.

NISAH - Budak SP baq hianggg! Budak BPJ. Kedah piau nohaii standard Tqah Burn ni haa nasib baik dia tak speaker macam Tqah burn. Soqa boleh tahan deqaih dia ni tapi bila present tang depan, mula la jadi ayu HAHAHAHAHA bai Nisah.

RUBY - Another MRSM student! I really feel comfortable with her maybe because she's a former MRSM too. Well, MRSM students really understand each other very well. She's from MRSM Besut which makes her anak Bonda Timah too! So we call each other 'anak Bonda' AHAHAHA and she actives in silat too. Sumpah jealous tengok orang pandai bersilat ni T.T

AAINAA - The second eldest! Second person I spoke to when I entered the class. Awal awal dulu memang ada benda jugak aku tak puas hati dengan dia ni pastu lama lama dah okay and now boleh kata she's one of the people that I closest with in that class! And she's the only classmate that lives in the same floor with me.

KIE - This girl is pretty you know. She's one of the closest either. Pantang ada masa nak camwhore. Tu teqa tak guna iPhone lagi tu AHAHAHA.

The last five names are the people that I think I close the most. Well, that's what I think. But there are still a lot of me that they don't yet.

 Spending a two hours Study Skills class with listening to ghost stories by Miss Tuty!

During Mentor-Mentee Day
From left: Mira, Ira, Chip, Jam, Shira
At the front in the green jersey: Our beloved Grammar's lecturer Sir Syataf Akhimullah

During Mentor-Mentee Day
From left: Me, Nisah, Ruby, Kak Aainaa

Back then, I wan't that close to them. I rarely chill around with them. I never had my lunch with them either! I was only befriend with them once I entered the class and once I got out, I would be on my own, trying to look for another Ninety-V or Aniem or Inaa. There's a bench that was my usual place. I always sat there because I could connected to wifi. Aiman Afif and Shah and Hairie would always found me there. Hairie is their friend but now he becomes my friend either. Basically, Aiman's and Shah's friends are my friends now -.- Aiman, Shah and Hairie were the ones who always accompanied me, had lunch with me and so on. Three of them are not in the same class so their schedule's are different so usually there would be only one of them that would stay with me. Macam gilir gilir teman aku AHAHAHA. So that was how Caek and the Srikandas were created. And my srikandas are Aiman, Shah and Hairie. By-the-way, Hairie is 19 -.-

From left: Jam, Kak Aainaa, Nisah, Ruby

Meet Kie :)

From left: Me, Kie, Yan, Danie

From left: Nana, Ira, Shira, Hana, Sheva, Chip, Ben, Alif, Amirul

Back then, there were Fiza, Rara, Abdin and Yazid. Fiza chose SPA, Rara got a scholarship, Abdin said TESL's boring and Yazid got UiTM. So we lost these people but I only felt it when it came to Abdin and Yazid. I never know which one Fiza is, I don't really like Rara, Abdin was my friend because I contacted him back then and Yazid, he's the last one that quit and he rarely skips class so yeah, nothing impacts me.

I love Section 11. I really do. All of us are great with each other, bukan macam certain sections yang sama sama section pun nak berpuak gaduh segala bagai macam dengan hapa ja lagi but we're not. We are totally cool with everyone and our lecturers love us too! Alhamdulillah :)

I think that's it from now. Told ya there's nothing much. See ya!

"Cuba la berkawan dengan pompuan sama"
- My too-attached-guy-bestfriend

Friday, October 4, 2013

Err, Hello?

Vector Salam

So, hello guys. It has been awhile since the last time I wrote kannn? Blame the internet connection. I am quite busy this lately, going through such a hectic month. Well, basically I've been here for a month without having a little rest in Kedah. Pity me *sigh* But I won't mind. I'm coming home next week hihi. Can't really wait for it.

Hm. I don't know what I want to write 'cause seriously dude it just my fingers keep dancing on my keyboard while my brain is not functioning at all. Miss Suzanna probably will kill me if she read this because she always tells us to use our brain especially in Psychology class. Hehe. By-the-way, I've mentioned that I'm going through such a hectic month. Months, since it is already October. 

Wait. I need to wake Green Day.

Nahhhh, Green Day is awake.

Okay back to the story. There were quizzes, presentations, test and so on. I'm tired. Like seriously. And I walk more now since I've decided to lose weight (I'd gained 5kg in the first two months I'm here) I still don't know the result yet 'cause I don't brave enough to find out the truth. Know why? Because I eat more than before and I have the feeling that hm ...

So the hypothesis is: The more I walk, the more I eat.

And of course I've been toooo stress out this lately. Why? The hectic months plus the unstable emotions equal to dangerous me. Don't blame me, it just, I feel so stress about everything. So sometimes I spill it to the wrong person. But I think I manage to keep it to myself. And I felt sad either. I need Mama's hug :/

Yes, I smile when I got my quizzes or tests result. I smile when my lunch cost me RM7. Because I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to cry. It has been awhile since the last time I cried. I thought it's good for me to maintain my record. But that night I burst. Really couldn't handle it anymore. I miss Mama and Abah and Pan too much.

Yes, I miss Pan too.

My classmates are fine. I feel closer to them now compares than before. Feels like I want to make a post about them since we are finishing our first semester. I bet I'm going to miss them all like seriously because I really love my classmates. Section 11 is not like other sections. Maybe we have small groups but once we enter the class, we are one. Feeling nice you know :)

And I promise you that we will make it through.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

So, Waiting For My Post?

Vector Salam

So, waiting for my post? *winkwink*

Hello there, miss me much? I know there are some people who are missing me and my writing muehehe. It have been awhile since the last time I posted an entry rightttt? I'm sorry. Too busy with the college stuffs. Oh Goshhhh who am I kidding HAHAHA there's nothing about college okay maybe a little part of it buttt most of it because there's no wifi connection there (yes I'm living in KL and there's no wifi connection at the hostel shoot KPTM KL's management people dead please) and I'm too busy berjimbaing since the very first week! And this is because of Mubin. I blame him. Definitely.

My registration day was such a chaos! Seriously dude, no kidding. I looked so beautiful (okay dibenarkan muntah berjemaah) wearing a black jubah and a purple plain square hijab and everyone was looking at me like I was a ghost. Or a foreigner. Or a princess. Ehhhhh HAHAHA excuse me for my behave. Nahhh, I think they were looking at me because I was wearing jubah and my jubah is so beautiful plus I wore handsocks that day. The black ninja handsocks bak kata Pan. But I just ignored them all. Actually it was kinda fine until I got to the hostel's registration. The place of the registration was so small and the tables were near the elevators and it was crowded like hell and screaming and shouting and parents were angry because there weren't any MARA people who was in charged, looking after the registration. When I managed to settle all the things there, I went up to take a look of my room. It was at 12th floor. Once I reached there, I almost ... cry. Because I hate everything about it. But I was managed to hold back my tears but I burst when I met Aniem HAHAHA. Aniem and Nani were at 13th floor. My dormmates were great, seriously. But because I wanted to be in the same dorm with Aniem, I asked Abah to talked to the warden and then I changed to Aniem's room in the same week and got closer to her dormmates Inaa and kak Noha! Lucky me :)

Ahh, forgot to tell you. My hostel is called Maxisegar, Plaza Pandan. It was an abandoned shopping mall and ... haunted. Especially the elevators. They only use floor 10th 'til 13th and the rest are ... you know what I mean. I have no picture of the building and the bed. Forgive me. There are lots of stores near Maxisegar like Kedai Runcit 24 Hours and Kedai Makan Alim Curry House but there are lotssss of foreigners too. And the location is conquered by Chinese. And foreignors. And a very small amount of Indonesians. It's kinda easy to find halal food there because Alim Curry House is Mamak and there are lorries that sell food muehehe. Prefer the lorries. Let's get to the berjimba part!


The story is, me and Aniem were about to go to One Shamelin Mall when Mubin texted me and asked me out. I asked him to wait for me at LRT Pandan Jaya (which is in front of KPTM KL) because I didn't know how to take LRT. So yes, he came all the way from UM and 'fetch' me, Aniem and Nani! We went to KLCC but suddenly Nad, Sam and Wanie wanted to go to MidValley so we went to Mid. In the same day. It was my very first weekend in KL!




This is the picture of my girls when they accompanied me bukak posa at Jusco Maluri. 
From left: Inaa, Aniem, Kak Noha and me!

*Jusco Maluri*

Well, the gathering of Ninety-V. Again AHAHAHAHA. Mubin brought along his roommate, Faiz, if I'm not mistaken. Mubin pursued me to watch movies with him but I said no over and over again AHAHAHAHA. Dude, you know me. I don't enter cinema.



Decided to iftar together with Ninety-V but most of them were busy :'(

*Berjaya Time Square*


I need to install Microsoft in my Tochibaba so I asked Mubin to come to Shamelin and he refused so I forced him to go to TS. Before we went to TS, we stopped at Masjid Jamek first AHAHAHA. Managed to meet up with Adam Muaz (accidentally) and I was upset because I didn't managed to meet up with Asyraf Ramlan! He was there at TS, he bumped into Mubin and Adam but why no he bumped into me and I was like 'Wannnnnnnnnnnn!' K bai.

*Berjaya Time Square*


I ... did not expect that I would join them for iftar at the very first place. That evening when I was walking to meet Inaa outside the gate after I finished my class, I bumped into Rafiq Aiman Shah. They pursued and they were succeed. They even hold my bag -.- So I went there without Aniem, wearing exactly like I was on my registration day.


We planned to have iftar with Sarah Husna earlier than the Ninety-V's iftar. I went to this one too. Sarah Husna was from UIA with Sarah Nabila and Izzairul Ikhwan. Because of Ikhwan, Nani didn't feel so alone AHAHAHAHA. And what's the best thing about that day was ... I met Nur Syawal Aiman Mazlan for the first time after 5 years! He's still the same Awal, my Awal :)



Oh crap! It was Eidulfitr so I was home.


Went to Rafiq's open house just because we wanted to meet Ikmal (who was going to US that night) and of course, free food. The food was delicious. Seriously. Maybe because Rafiq's dad is a Kedahan AHAHAHAHA. I didn't managed to meet Ikmal because he left right before I arrived. That night when I was about to leave, most of them were going to KLIA, just for a farewell. 


Went to TS but didn't have time to snap a picture because we were busy wasting our money!


Dude, I'm here. Home. KEDAH!

If you notice, Week 6 8 and 9 were the only weeks that I didn't meet Mubin. Mubin always miss me, that's why he asked me out every week. And I'm kinda sad because I never meet Ammar there in KL yet. And Asyraf Ramlan. And Ashraf Azhar. And I miss Pan. Hoping that Pan will go to KL just for me.

I'm sleepy. Let me sleep now. Goodnight peeps :)