Monday, November 30, 2015


Almost one year ago, I was scrolling through 'explore' on my brother's Instagram account (I used his account a lot and I am still using it lol) and out of sudden, I found this one feed which attracted my attention. It was a bookstagram.

Bookstagram (n.)
           an Instagram account where people post about bookish stuff

Yep, I found a bookstagram and when it was my 20th birthday, I finally decided to create one of my own. I didn't really read back then. I did read, but rarely. Even for now, I am not a very strong reader but I am totally sure that I read more compared to before.

And I am proud of it lolololol.

So, if you happened to be a reader or maybe if you happened to be interested in following a bookish account, you are more than welcomed to follow my bookstagram. My username is bibliobong, you can click on the link. My feeds aren't as pretty as other bookstagrammers but I think it's fine. Apparently, I am not satisfied with my own feeds but I am working on improving them.

I have been buying books without having the time to read them. I read when I am in mood of it. I didn't really think that I was buying too much (even though when I put myself in book buying ban and broke it) yet once I counted my books, they happened to be more than I thought. Didn't see that coming.

It was my guilty pleasure. Wait, it is.

Because of the books, I kept asking for my very own bookshelf from my parents and I got it yay! I was really happy that I wrapped all of my books before stacking them on my new shelf hehehe. After I was done with arranging my books on the shelf, I realised how small the number of books that I own. Hence, I am working on enlarging the number which absolutely going to empty my bank account oh gosh I am so dead!

Here is a friendly reminder: My birthday is on January. Feel free to give me book(s). Thank you.

Friday, November 27, 2015

What kind of close friend I am?

I can be two kinds of close friend:
1. The cheesy hugable or loveable one
2. The harsh one

Well, it depends on who my close friend is. Or on you.

If you are that friend that I can hug or bite your chubby cheeks, I would be cheesy. I would hug you all the time and act childishly because uh well I'm your baby friend who you need to pamper and shower with lovessss and hugssss like aaalllllll the time. But of course, I'm lack of love. That is why I need yours hahaha.

If you are the annoying kind of friend whose life has been too easy on you or the extra outgoing person or maybe you are the kind of person who needs to be disciplined by someone, then yes, I would be harsh to you. My words are harsh. I admit that. Curses are like comas for me. Yep, that is how much I curse. And of course, I would be blunt. I won't hold back my words.

If I act neither towards you, that simply means we are not close enough. Or maybe we are not as close as we used to be. People change. I do, too. It has been almost three years since I left school and I have met many kind of people ever since then. So yes, I will say that I have changed too. I still don't like people though, but I am still making friends so yeah I think I am currently doing just fine lol.

Just so you know, I still love my friends no matter how I act towards them. Maybe they will misunderstand my actions since I act differently when it comes to different person, but I won't change that. Maybe I won't even bother to explain the situation later lol. So you gotta love me as I am okay? *winkwink*

And of course I love Kame baby as he is *heart eyes*

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Confession #9

Well hello there, people.

Wow. I had so many things to confess here but right now I have nothing in mind like seriously nothing it is even like a blank space (not the one Taylor Swift has been singing then and now) so blank that I myself find it amazing. Or amusing. Lol.

Okay, I got one; Writing.

If you know me since high school, you would know how much I love writing and doodling craps in my notebooks. I have plenty of them. I would write anything that came across my mind whenever and wherever, it didn't even matter if I was in the middle of the class or what, I would eventually write. Ever wonder how much i wrote back then?
1. I wrote too much that one of my friend said that she couldn't concentrate in class because there were too much to read on my desk.
2. I wrote too much that I even wrote a book of short poems and such and I even originally wrote some them.
3. I wrote too much that a friend of mine would storm off out of nowhere just because she wanted to borrow my 'poetry' book.
4. I wrote too much even in exams and I would come out with great marks for writing (well I think they were great marks since I didn't get that high marks for other subjects that didn't involve writing)
5. I wrote too much even in my love letters (this is a very embarrassing part for me)
6. And of course, I had to make my essays as long as possible because of my small handwriting.

But now, I don't even write anymore.

Sometimes I hate myself for stopping. This year, my man got me a notebook out of many other things for my birthday because oh well he knows how much I love writing. Or loved. I don't know. Everything seems blurry. I have no idea why I ever gave up on writing. I wonder why did I stop. I bought a MYR30+ notebook when I was in the first semester because I thought I would make it as a diary and write. But I didn't. I can't even remember when is the last time I wrote in that silver notebook of mine. I think I'll tear the pages written and start fresh with scrabbling again.

I hope I will. I really do.

Because no matter what excuses I am giving you, I really miss writing. Writing is like the best part of learning ABC and I swear it calms me down whenever I freak out or something. Even this blog. I miss blogging. I have a few drafts waiting to be posted but I don't think I will ever post them. Don't ask me why, I have no reasons for that too. Well apparantly because the stories have ran dry and I won't try to add more spikes in them. Well not now, not today.

And I am posting this too after months.

Confession #10

Oh God, I miss everyone at school. By school, I literally mean school. My primary school and high school. My SK Taman Uda and MRSM Kubang Pasu. SMK Sultanah Bahiyah? Well, a lil bit.

I really miss everyone. I miss the feeling of being in schools; the feeling I had when I walked anywhere and there would always be people around me; the feeling I had when I looked at a stranger but he or she was not a total stranger as both of us were actually in the same circle; the feeling that made me thought that I was not the only who was going through all the freaking hardships. You know what I mean, don't you?

And I looked at people, a lot.

I have always loved looking at people, staring at them while thinking what are they doing and why. I looked at people a lot when I was in schools, especially during high school. The block was square so it was easy for everyone to have a look at someone else. Including me.

I remember ...
1. When I was in form 1, I would stand in the corridor in front of my class looking at Kak Shark or Abang Is yelling "Roll-call" from below, from the tapak roll-call, and other students would run. It had always been a chaos, y'know.
2. When I was in form 2, I always looked up at the classes across mine. They were seniors'. A year older. I looked at those seniors going back and forth, laughing hysterically. It was more to 'observing' instead of 'looking', actually.
3. When I was in form 3, I kind of had a crush on this someone. His class and his seat could easily be seen from my class so yeah I always looked at his way. The sad part is, he never noticed. Not even once.
4. When I was in form 4, my class was at the top floor so it made things easier for me. For someone who loves to look at people. I spent most of my free time with looking down, looking at anyone my eyes would catch. I really love observing people, okay.
5. When I was in form 5, my class was in the lowest floor. Kinda easy for me to do my observation. I did a lot of them. I even stared at my boyfriend's not-so-secret-admirer who was always looked at him but he rarely noticed. Instead, I was the one who noticed all the time. And I swear I felt like throwing something at her just to make her stop the staring. For the record, she took a picture with my boyfriend who was wearing black sleeveless shirt (which made him look kinda hot but it was in the past lol) and made the picture as her profile photo on Facebook. I was mad.

And I am being emotional here. Sorry.

So I am only publishing this after this draft had been saved for months lol.