Sunday, April 28, 2013

#Quotations1 by Kwon Ji Yong :)

Vector Salam


"Too fast to live, too young to die"

"Live free, die strong"

"Kill them with success and bury them with a smile"

"I realized that how much effort you put in your work doesn't guarantee its result"

"Music is oxygen. If you don't have oxygen you can't breathe. To me music is something that's always there, where ever I go it's a part of me, without it I can't live. It breathes with me"

"They say 'love is blind', Oh baby you're so blind"

"It doesn't matter if we fell down because we are still young"

"When I talk about 'friends' the first person that comes to my mind of course is TaeYang. In 'Real Documentary Big Bang' we were depicted as if we were rivals and wary of each other but the truth it, TaeYang, to me, is the one person I can depends on in the whole world no matter what"

"I think if I try my best to make people happy, they'll realize the truth for themselves"

"VIP is the name of our fanclub, so it's probably the word we say the most often, think of most often and sing of most often"

"I am afraid of loneliness, can't live if I am alone"

"To be big bang is kids that don't listen. We take paths that other don't take and do things that others are scared of doing. We do those things purposefully. So that when we look back at ourselves in the future, we can be proud"

"Music inspired my heart, my body and makes me breathe"

"The great stage makes my heart beat"

"So, if I didn't walked in the way of music, what can I do?"

"If I have cared what people had taught of me and then I've walked on eggshells, I couldn't have done anything. Bad words are good words, these are just opinions. I keep doing my best so I think they will accept me someday"

"I want to show my true self, not how I want to be seen by others"

"What is worse that facing failures? I think it is the thought of giving up trying. I believe that pain can be a driving force for us to do what we have to do"

"Before, I used to write about the questions I had. Now, I write about what I've come to realize"

"A song with a strong message is strong enough to move the entire world"

"I want someone who can cook well. I want her to be capable in many things. Because other than music, I don't know how to do anything else. So I want to be able to learn from her"

"I am who I am and I think that people like me for it"

"I've come here with no rest since I was 13. My mightiest weapon was my confidence"

"My problem is that I can't stay mad. I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it"

"'Singers are stupid. They are just puppets of their agencies' I didn't like prejudices like that. I wanted to be a singer who could express his thoughts"

"We never get goals because once we reach them, we can't walk any further"

"We don't hold on to people who say they're leaving"

"I personally do not care what others say about me. If I were easily effected by the feedback that we gained, we would not be able to be true to ourselves. It also applies in fashion, even if I wore ridiculous clothes, I would just want to show you my true colours. I believe that people would follow suit of our belief, since I have experienced it myself, I will not change it even in future"


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alhamdulillah, Allah azza wa jalla :)

Vector Salam

Bismillahirrahmanirrahimmmm *sigh* Hello peeps.

So friends, I got it. No, not yet. This is just another step that it takes. This is just the beginning of everything. The beginning of my new life. The first chapter of the book. The first verse in the song. This is just a baby step. I have to do this. No, I need to do this. I really want to do this. This is what I've been asking Him before and now He answered me. He gave me the answer to my prayer. Thank you, Allah azza wa jalla. Thank you for everything that you gave me. Thank you for everything that I had and have. Thank you :')

Well, interview huh? The butterflies are here now, having fun in my belly. I hate interviews. Or interview. But I know by hook or by crook, I really need to overcome this displeasure feeling everytime I read or hear the word 'interview'. I really need to gather all my strength to move forward and stop holding on to my past times. Past times and memories are great. No doubt about it. However, everyone need to move on, right? So let's make a move together, holding hands, supporting each other and pray to Him. He's listening :)

- Read blogs about Asasi TESL. I mean, about the interview.
- Starting from tomorrow, re-read The Saga of Darren Shan. This is for my grammar.
- How to gain self-esteem ah? Shoot me dead please.
- How to be as awesome as Teacher Annies and Sir Norazam and Miss Syafa? Shoot me dead again please.
- Pray to Him.
- Keep Calm and Rely On God.

Dear friends, please pray for
Nur Syahirah Haji Berhan
Siti Humayra Ibrahim
Fatin Hanani NorAzminuddin
Syazreen Yasmin Suyamin
for our Asasi TESL interview. A prayer from a friend is precious :)

Good luck and all the best for everyone!
Good luck and all the best for myself!

Goshh. I really need this. But remember this Nur Syahirah Berhan,
Higher expectation brings you deeper frustration.
So be careful, sweetie :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey Tattooed Guy(s) :3

Vector Salam

Aku, blurr. Taktaw nak story pa. Tetiba rasa nak post benda ni. So abaikan k bai. I get attracted to tattooed guys easily. Tapi kalau orang Islam yang bertattoo, sumpah huduh. Bukan takat bertattoo, bersubang pun aku dah meluat. I mean, guys la. Sebab tu aku tak suka Zayn Malik. Maaf kepada Directioners. K bai.

G-Dragon a.k.a Kwon JiYong of Big Bang 

Adam Noah Levine a.k.a Adam Levine of Maroon Five

Alexander O'Lachlan a.k.a Alex O'Loughlin

Nivaldo Bastita Lima a.k.a Gusttavo Lima

Matthew Charles Sanders a.k.a M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold

David Robert Joseph Beckham a.k.a David Beckham

Friday, April 12, 2013

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah :')

Vector Salam

"Result berapa?
Ni mintak mana?
Apply dak hat tu?
Dapat dak scholarship ni, scholarship tu?" 

Well, common topics after you've got your SPM result. Correct me if I'm wrong. Sekarang ni dah nak dekat pertengahan April. Ramai bakal bakal freshie(s) yang akan ada new life nanti. Kawan kawan aku pun dah ramai dah yang felt that moment.

Congrats to those yang dah sambung belajaq:
Izz Yusuf, Ad Mahadi, Syafiqah Amani, Ziera Sabri, Athirah Aminuddin, Atiqah Mami, Adilah Kamilah, Syazrel Rafiq, Hakim Zazli, Mimi Haslinda, Sher, Hisham, Illiana Bazli, Hilmi Faris, Amirul Faiz, Ezreen Zaffran, Akmal Fahmi, and so on. 

Congrats and All The Best for those who are going to any interview(s):
Ahmad Asyraf, Nazirul Mubin, Asyraf Ramlan, Syafiqah Nadiah, Zabidi Azham, Afiqah Saadin, Ammaina Jamaludin, Yazid Shahrohudin, Fahmi Fadzil, Azil Muzammil, Hidayah Mat Isa, Hakeem Razi, Atiqah Burn, Anwar Khalid, Sayuthi Aziz, ishhhh ramai la.

Congrats to those yang dah dapat offer for further study :)

Alhamdulillah, aku dapat UniKL. Diploma in Nursing. Course yang aku takmaw sangat sangat HAHA. So, aku tak p. Confirm. Abah memang dari dulu lagi tak bagi aku apply UniKL. Tapi aku saja jea apply sebab bajet aku ni anak MARA. Kat UniKL memang semua course yang aku tak suka -.- I did apply for Diploma in Multimedia, tapi letak third choice. Abah dengan Acik Am dok kalut suruh apply nursing dengan pharmacy. Aku printout benda ni tadi, tunjuk kat Abah dengan Mama. Dua dua terus tarik muka. UniKL makan duit banyak bhaii. Swasta. Kawan abang aku pun nursing kat UniKL jugak. Duit tu memang laju jea keluaq. So memang aku tunjuk surat offer ni macam aku tunjuk sijil mati, sorang pun langsung tak manis muka. Sebak jugak la aku. HAHA. K. Aku buat teruk. K bai.

Tolong doa aku dapat Asasi TESL, UiTM.
Aaminnn :')


P/s: Sorry kalau takdak nama, aku taktaw la tu.

Confession #4

Vector Salam

K. First of all, I want you to open up your mind. Accept what I write in here. If don't, you may go. I don't care 'cause this is my blog. I express everything here. Got it clear, dude? Okay great.

So, actually this is about the Kpop thingy. Okay. Maybe plus with the coming PRU. I admit it, I'm one of the trillion Kpoppers in the world. I'm a proud VIP, which is Big Bang's fans' club. Maybe people see me like I'm a fanatic Kpopper, but actually, I'm not. Why I say like this? I'm the kind of girls who listens to every songs that I think they're good to hear, the songs that my ears would like to listen to. And I only know some of the Kpop groups. Plus, I don't even recognize all of their faces or remember their names. Need evidence? 

- English songs come first. Kpop and Jpop comes next. Then only it'll be Malay.
- I seriously love Simple Plan, Avenged Sevenfold, Boys Like Girls, All American Rejects, Anthem Lights, Mayday Parade and more. And I just started listening to Sleeping with Sirens and Memphis May Fire.
- Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High are the only groups that I know all the names of the members.
- Actually, just let's say I know all the names of YG Family. Full stop.
- I only listen to all of YG Family, CN Blue, FT Island, Beast, G.Na and a lil bit of MBLAQ, 2PM, 2AM, 4Minute.
- I don't spend my money for their goodies. (I will only do that for YG Family. And maybe CN Blue)
- Okay. Let's stop here.

I know the evidences aren't strong enough but that is your problemo dude. Okay, people are talking about the Kpoppers being addicted to the Kpop guys and girls. Yang bash teruk teruk ni guys la selalunya. Dengki lettew sebab hampa tak hengseng macam those Korean guys. Dengki lettew sebab aweks hampa buat pic those Korean guys jadi wallpaper phone lappy wall dan sebagainya. Dengki lettewwwww hihi. Maaf kalau terasa. Aku just nak express what I feel about this. Dah teruk sangat dah orang dok ban Kpop.

1. Perhimpunan Belia kat Putrajaya  -  Start dari benda ni ah yang Kpoppers kena bash teruk. Sebab pa? Sebab Government cancelled ceramah Islamik tu and ganti dengan concert Kpop. Okay. Yang ni memang aku setuju la kalau orang nak marah. Aku pun bengang. Memang Muslim patut bengang. Ya la, kejadah ganti ceramah dengan performance Kpop ni. Agak agak la bhaii. Tapi orang yang dok maki maki Kpop tu tolong la pikiaq habeh habeh dulu, salah sapa semua ni? Artists Kpop tu semua ka yang mai volunteer kat Government cakap depa nak buat performance? Sapa cari sapa bhaii? Artist Kpop tu taw ka yang depa dah TERganti ceramah? If you ask me, I'm going to answer you: Blame the government.

2. Concert Psy on CNY  -  Yang ni kontroversi kes depa cakap government baziaq 2 millions. for Psy. Awal tu aku percaya jugak this thing. Mati mati aku maki government sebab guna duit rakyat for concert Psy ni. But then there's a source told me yang Psy mai Malaysia tu memang la 2 millions tapi sponsored. Bukannya duit kerajaan. Bila aku taw macam tu, rasa lega la sikit. Lantak ah. Janji Psy dah malukan Najib HAHAHAHAHAHA k tetiba -.-

3. Plastic Surgery  -  Kes ni pun orang dok kecoh. Weh bhaii. Orang Melayu pun banyak jea yang buat plastic surgery la botox la segala bagai tapi disebabkan depa pun sedaq benda tu haram and confirm kalau public taw memang depa dapat malu punya, so they keep the secrets by themselves. Tapi kenapa dok kutuk artists Kpop buat plastic surgery? Dude, lantak depa la. Benda tu langsung tak haram la bagi depa. Sebab tu depa dengan bangganya boleh habaq kat orang yang depa buat plastic surgery. Try kalau wartawan kita p tanya kat artist kita betoi ka dak dia buat plastic surgery, besaq tuah la kalau artist kita nak mengaku! Dok cakap kita tertipu dengan artists Kpop la apa la, tertipu apanya kalau depa tu siap dah habaq kat media. Cuma hang jea yang taktaw. So tang mana yang salahnya depa buat plastic surgery?

K. Tu pasal Kpop. Ni pasal PRU pulak.

Aku tak kisah la hang nak mengundi PAS ka UMNO ka tapi la ni kan wey, let politics stay as politics, no need to mix it with religions. Ada otak kan? Tuhan dah bagi otak kat kita sorang satu kannn? Pakej sekali dengan akal kannnn? So pikiaq ah sendiri. Aku tensi betoi tengok parti ni bawak keluaq fatwa kata haram undi parti nuu, hat parti nuu kata haram undi parti nii. Macam bodo taw dak tengok orang tua bergaduh? Dah tua bangka pun dok bergaduh lagi. Nak bergaduh tu lantak ah tapi jangan la kaitkan dengan agama. Especially agama Islam. Suka suka hati mak nenek tokwan moyang kucing hiang jea hang bawak keluaq fatwa noh? Aku tak tuju kat mana mana parti. Dua dua parti ada jea yang jadi pelingkop. Even tak banyak, but still ada.

Mohon maaf salah silap terkasar bahasa dan sebagainya. Mohon guna akal dan otak yang telah dikurniakan dulu before buat something. Mohon jangan cepat judge Kpop. K bai.

P/s: Jangan bash aku pulak lepas ni -.-
P/ss: 2AM respect Malaysian girls yang berhijab :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quality Time: Family Vacations

Vector Salam

And hye. K. I don't know why this lately I feel bloody lazy to write. Not just write, I'm lazy to touch my Tochibaba too. Tochibaba not even sleep with me this lately. We're not in the same bed anymore. Sokay Tochibaba, I still love you. I swear. Done with the crap, let's shoot.

20th March 2013 til 21st March 2013 - Kuala Lumpur

*I know me and Giant's eyes are cute so shut up*

Actually we're heading to Port Dickson but that night we decided to stay in KL. Why? SHOPPING. Hihi. Kalau tidoq KL jea confirm confirm ah tidoq City Villa or Brisdale or Adamson. Memang area tu jea dari dulu lagi. Mama sakit kaki punya pasai, kami tidoq la kat City Villa. Right in front of City Villa tu memang tempat shopping. Aku nak shopping tudung hihi tapi unfortunately tudung yang aku cari takdak. Seriously. Mama pun tak beli pa. So kami jalan jalan jea la that night. Nak beli beg, mahai T.T Tomorrow morning, we continued our journey to Port Dickson andddddd that's when I got my result. On my way to Port Dickson and I cried along the way :')

21st March 2013 til 22nd March 2013 - Port Dickson

*I know I look extra cute wearing like that. Thank you*

So, this is Port Dickson HAHAHA. Congrats brother, you've officially graduated from Polytechnic Port Dickson in Seni Bina. Great. You can thank me by build me a bungalow later :) Kalau dah p Port Dickson or Seremban, memang tak sah la kalau tak sampai Nilaiiiiii. So sambung shopping kat Nilai hehe. Mama beli tudung sampai berapa helai tapi tak pakai pung HAHAHAHA. Aku? I bought a tudung bidang 60. Yes, bidang 60. The one that I was wearing in the picture. And that jubah too. Balik from Nilai, p rumah Acik Am. Kena brainwash sebab result wasn't like he expected T.T

22nd March 2013 til 24th March 2013 - Cameron Highland

*Complete The BeTa's*

We went straight to Cameron Highland after we're done with Giant's convocation. Abang and Kak's family had arrived there, waiting for us. Aku tak tukaq baju pun, sampai kat CH memang aku still lagi pakai tudung and jubah tu. Kak dengan Abang tengok aku macam -.- HAHAHAHAHAHA. I said this to my sister, "Well, I'm becoming the old Noor Dina Izadiany *grinning*" If only you know what I mean, you'll think that I'm such a meanie HAHAHAHA damn! I'm talking crap again. K. Ignore that crap. We had fun in CH. We stayed at MARDI's English Cottage. I like that place. Jackets kat sana lawa lawaaaaaaaa. Even though those jackets are just 'bundle' but still, the conditions of them are still good. Dah lah murah murah. Bahagia gila aku tengok jackets and sweaters kat sana. Heaven gila!

5th April 2013 til 6th April 2013 - Perak

*Mama and Abah stood next to each other like strangers because both of them still have wudhuk*

On Friday, we went to Teluk Batik. Lepak situ dulu. Tapi time sampai tu dah nak dekat Maghrib so takdan nak main pantai. Dan main sat jea. And aku cerdik tak bawak tracksuit, adik pun takdak extra so terpaksa la korbankan aku punya jeans T.T Tapi takpa, next day kenduri. Bukannya nak pakai jeans dah hehe. That night p makan dekat satu restaurant ni. Service teruk. Serious tak syiok. Esok tu p kenduriiii. Nothing much to story pun sebenaqnya. Saja ja HAHA.



I wish on this 22nd June, the concert will be like this. Or wayyyy better.
I wish on this 22nd June, I'll standing at the rockpit.
I wish on this 22nd June, I'll be at National Stadium Bukit Jalil.
I wish before 22nd June, I'll have the ticket to