Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Things That I Thank Afiqah Syazwani

1. Thank you for being my private cook, for cooking me fried rice because you knew I loved it and even illegally ride a motorcycle to send the food to me as I was busy being sick in bed.

2. Thank you for buying me Dunkin Donuts when I was craving for them so bad even though you, Atulai and Syera ate them all as you guys were too scared to ask me to come down because I was in a very bad mood that time. The thought still counts *wink*

3. Thank you for listening to me ranting about my Kpop and Jpop shits and even watched the video of Kamenashi Kazuya flipped his shirt opened eh hahaha.

4. Thank you for giving me tissues and foods when I cried my eyes out as I had my heart shattered into pieces.

5. Thank you for always getting mad and cursing people on my behalf whenever I was too numb or sad to do so. This attitude of yours always managed to ease me a bit.

6. Thank you for calling me from time to time because I suck at keeping in touch with people and getting your calls (although you cried most of the times but it's fine since we usually ended up crying together) warms my heart.

7. Thank you for turning me into a gaaaaaay because fuck it girl I bought you flowers what the hell?

8. Thank you for watching Gokusen and actually fangirled over it, you have no idea how much it means to me.

9. Remember that one time when I pulled over at the roadside just to call you and cried? Yeah thank you for being the first girlfriend that made me opened up that much. I've never called a girlfriend just to cry my heart out. It still feels weird to have a girlfriend whom I could pour my heart out this much and it scares the shit out of me but I'll try to adapt to it.

10. Thank you for simply existing and staying despite all the curses and harsh words I threw to you.

If I had to list everything that I want and should thank you, it would take years. Keep being yourself, there's nothing I would want you to change (other than that stupid diet shit of course). Happy belated birthday, girl.