Sunday, July 24, 2016

Book #2 : Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

"It is your blood in my veins 
tell me how I'm supposed to forget"

"she was a rose 
in the hands of those 
who had no intention 
of keeping her"

"the idea that 
we are so capable of love 
still choose to be toxic"

"you have sadness living in places sadness shouldn’t live"

"the only reason you know you’re still alive is from the heaving of your chest"

"you are the faint line 
between faith and blindly waiting"

"how do you turns forest fire like me 
so soft i turn into running water"

"your name is 
the strongest positive and negative connotation 
in any language 
it either lights me up or  
leaves me aching for days"

"you were so distant 
i forgot you were there at all"

"don’t mistake 
salt for sugar  
if he wants to be with you  
he will  
it’s that simple"

"you were  
temptingly beautiful  
stung when i got close"

"how can she love a man 
who is busy loving someone 
he can never get  
his hands on again."

"more than anythingi want to save youfrom myself"

"i didn’t leave because i stopped loving you 
i left because the longer i stayed 
the less i loved myself"

"i am a museum full of art 
but you had your eyes shut"

"love made the danger 
in you look like safety"

"you give and give till 
they pull everything out of you 
and leave you empty"

"i had to leave 
i was tired of allowing you 
to make me feel 
anything less than whole"

"the good thing about feeling in extremes is 
when i love i give them wings 
but perhaps that isn't 
such a good thing cause 
they always tend to leave 
and you should see me 
when my heart is broken 
i don’t grieve 
i shatter"

"i came all this way 
to give you all these things 
but you aren’t even looking"

"neither of us is happy 
but neither of us wants to leave 
so we keep breaking one another 
and calling it love"

"your voice 
drives me 
to tears"

"i don’t know why 
i split myself open 
for others knowing 
sewing myself up 
hurts this much 

"people go 
but how 
they left 
always stays"

"the night after you left 
i woke up so broken 
the only place to put the pieces 
were the bags under my eyes"

i whispered 
as you 
shut the door behind you"

"can someone explain that. how even when the love leaves. it doesn’t even when i am so past you. i am so helplessly brought back to you."

"he isn’t coming back 
whispered my head 
he has to 
sobbed my heart"

"i am losing parts of you like i lose eyelashes 
unknowingly and everywhere"

"you cannot leave 
and have me too 
i cannot exist in 
two places at once"

"13. do not beg for what does not want to stay. 
14. stop crying at some point."

i don’t deserve 
nice things 
cause i am paying 
for sins i don’t 

"do not bother holding on to 
that thing that does not want you 
- you cannot make it stay"

"it is a part of the 
human experience to feel pain 
do not be afraid 
open yourself to it 
- evolving"

"loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself"

"do not look for healing 
at the feet of those 
who broke you"

"if you were born with 
the weakness to fall 
you were born with 
the strength to rise"

"i thank the universe 
for taking 
everything it has taken 
and giving to me 
everything it is giving 
- balance"

"there is a difference between 
someone telling you 
they love you and 
them actually 
loving you"

the apology 
never comes 
when it is wanted 
and when it comes 
it is neither wanted 
nor needed 
- you are too late"

"you deserve to be 
completely found 
in your surroundings 
not lost within them"

"accept yourself 
as you were designed"

"i know it's hard 
believe me 
i know it feels like 
tomorrow will never come 
and today will be the most 
difficult day to get through 
but i swear you will get through 
the hurt will pass 
as it always does 
if you give it time and 
let it so let it 
like a broken promise 
let it go"

"you were a dragon long before 
he came around and said 
you could fly 
you will remain a dragon 
long after he’s left"

"if the hurt comes 
so will the happiness 
- be patient"

"i have 
what i have 
and i am happy 
i've lost 
what i've lost 
and i am 
- outlook"

"we are all born 
so beautiful the greatest tragedy is 
being convinced we are not"

"how you love yourself is 
how you teach others 
to love you"

"if you are not enough for yourself 
you will never be enough 
for someone else"

"of course i want to be successful
but i don't crave success for me
i need to be successful to gain
enough milk and honey
to help those around
me succeed"


Book #1 : The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

A sequel to The Wrath and The Dawn

"And I should take from you these lives, a thousandfold."

"Some secrets are safer behind lock and key."

"Moments spent in idleness were moments left to thought. Moments left to memory."

"I love her. I think I want to marry her."
"You think? Or you know?"
"I think I know."
"Don't equivocate, Jalal. It's insulting. To me and to her."
"It's not meant to be insulting. It's my attempt at honesty- a trait I know you hold in high esteem. At present- with no knowledge of her true feelings on the matter- it's the most I can manage. I love her. I think I want to be with her. Don't be an ass. I mean them."
"When did you mean them?"
"I mean them now. Isn't that what matters?"
"Now is easy. It's easy to say what you want in a passing moment."
"Then what is the right answer, sayyidi? What should I have said?"
"And don't speak to me of this again until it is!"

"And it's lovely to be remembered as warm and perfectly imperfect."

"Cut the strings, Shazi. Fly."

"You deserve someone who will feel you at her side without needing to see you."

"What can I do to spare him any more pain?"

"He had made mistakes. This he knew beyond all doubt. Mistakes in judgment. Mistakes in planning. Mistakes in understanding. Perhaps it could be said that he was guilty of mistaken pride."

"I cannot make her smile. Not anymore."
"It is too soon to pass judgment on the matter."

"What you said earlier? You have nothing to worry about."
"What do you mean?"
"You're better than beautiful. You're interesting. Never forget that."

"We are as a rose unfurling, becoming more clearly ourselves."

"If you loved her, it was your responsibility to marry her. Your responsibility to care for her. Your responsibility to tell her you loved her."

"The darker the sky, the brighter the stars."

"For nothing, not the sun, not the rain, not even the brightest star in the darkest sky, could begin to compare to the wonder of you."

"Had always felt but never managed to say with quite such simple eloquence."

"He saw a boy. Who loved a girl. More than anything in the world. And he hated him all the more for it."

"You are boundless. There is nothing you can't do."

"But there are times I forget what being safe feels like."

"Your future is not set in stone, my dearest star. A coin turns on itself a number of times before it lands."


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heads up-

Because starting from today I am going to post quotes from books that I have read. I did that on Twitter but I just realised the tweets are going to disappear so I would post them here instead. I thought of making a new blog specifically for books but then again, that's too much trouble since I barely post here lol.

Brace yourself, people!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I feel empty. Totally empty. Before I finished my diploma, I had everything planned. I thought I would be binge watching dramas and videos and slay my tbr (to-be-read) pile during my 3-month break but go self, everything didn't go as planned. Obviously *roll eyes*

Guess I am not a person with a plan.

So now I feel so empty. Not really actually. It feels like I have so many things going on in my head and so many emotions to be dealt with at once that they tend to drain everything in me and left me empty.

"I hate getting so sad to the point where my body completely shuts down and all I can do is just lay there and think about all my problems."
- @LifeInWord

The quote basically sums up me during my break so far.

I thought I have healed from the breakup. I thought I was doing fine. I even wrote about it in one of my previous posts but then I've realised that I haven't fully healed. Well, I'm healing but there are times when the pain comes back. To make it worse, I even got myself new wounds. It hurts so bad when you think it's okay to let someone in again just to end up being dumped again. The pain might kill you but hey, all those pain only drain me so I am not going to die. At least not now. I'm alive, but not functioning. Maybe I should turn into a full time zombie, would I get paid if I did?

"Hang ada apa? Hang ada aku."
And he left me too :')

So how to let people in again when the ones who are actually in your life are getting themselves out?