Saturday, August 31, 2013

So, Waiting For My Post?

Vector Salam

So, waiting for my post? *winkwink*

Hello there, miss me much? I know there are some people who are missing me and my writing muehehe. It have been awhile since the last time I posted an entry rightttt? I'm sorry. Too busy with the college stuffs. Oh Goshhhh who am I kidding HAHAHA there's nothing about college okay maybe a little part of it buttt most of it because there's no wifi connection there (yes I'm living in KL and there's no wifi connection at the hostel shoot KPTM KL's management people dead please) and I'm too busy berjimbaing since the very first week! And this is because of Mubin. I blame him. Definitely.

My registration day was such a chaos! Seriously dude, no kidding. I looked so beautiful (okay dibenarkan muntah berjemaah) wearing a black jubah and a purple plain square hijab and everyone was looking at me like I was a ghost. Or a foreigner. Or a princess. Ehhhhh HAHAHA excuse me for my behave. Nahhh, I think they were looking at me because I was wearing jubah and my jubah is so beautiful plus I wore handsocks that day. The black ninja handsocks bak kata Pan. But I just ignored them all. Actually it was kinda fine until I got to the hostel's registration. The place of the registration was so small and the tables were near the elevators and it was crowded like hell and screaming and shouting and parents were angry because there weren't any MARA people who was in charged, looking after the registration. When I managed to settle all the things there, I went up to take a look of my room. It was at 12th floor. Once I reached there, I almost ... cry. Because I hate everything about it. But I was managed to hold back my tears but I burst when I met Aniem HAHAHA. Aniem and Nani were at 13th floor. My dormmates were great, seriously. But because I wanted to be in the same dorm with Aniem, I asked Abah to talked to the warden and then I changed to Aniem's room in the same week and got closer to her dormmates Inaa and kak Noha! Lucky me :)

Ahh, forgot to tell you. My hostel is called Maxisegar, Plaza Pandan. It was an abandoned shopping mall and ... haunted. Especially the elevators. They only use floor 10th 'til 13th and the rest are ... you know what I mean. I have no picture of the building and the bed. Forgive me. There are lots of stores near Maxisegar like Kedai Runcit 24 Hours and Kedai Makan Alim Curry House but there are lotssss of foreigners too. And the location is conquered by Chinese. And foreignors. And a very small amount of Indonesians. It's kinda easy to find halal food there because Alim Curry House is Mamak and there are lorries that sell food muehehe. Prefer the lorries. Let's get to the berjimba part!


The story is, me and Aniem were about to go to One Shamelin Mall when Mubin texted me and asked me out. I asked him to wait for me at LRT Pandan Jaya (which is in front of KPTM KL) because I didn't know how to take LRT. So yes, he came all the way from UM and 'fetch' me, Aniem and Nani! We went to KLCC but suddenly Nad, Sam and Wanie wanted to go to MidValley so we went to Mid. In the same day. It was my very first weekend in KL!




This is the picture of my girls when they accompanied me bukak posa at Jusco Maluri. 
From left: Inaa, Aniem, Kak Noha and me!

*Jusco Maluri*

Well, the gathering of Ninety-V. Again AHAHAHAHA. Mubin brought along his roommate, Faiz, if I'm not mistaken. Mubin pursued me to watch movies with him but I said no over and over again AHAHAHAHA. Dude, you know me. I don't enter cinema.



Decided to iftar together with Ninety-V but most of them were busy :'(

*Berjaya Time Square*


I need to install Microsoft in my Tochibaba so I asked Mubin to come to Shamelin and he refused so I forced him to go to TS. Before we went to TS, we stopped at Masjid Jamek first AHAHAHA. Managed to meet up with Adam Muaz (accidentally) and I was upset because I didn't managed to meet up with Asyraf Ramlan! He was there at TS, he bumped into Mubin and Adam but why no he bumped into me and I was like 'Wannnnnnnnnnnn!' K bai.

*Berjaya Time Square*


I ... did not expect that I would join them for iftar at the very first place. That evening when I was walking to meet Inaa outside the gate after I finished my class, I bumped into Rafiq Aiman Shah. They pursued and they were succeed. They even hold my bag -.- So I went there without Aniem, wearing exactly like I was on my registration day.


We planned to have iftar with Sarah Husna earlier than the Ninety-V's iftar. I went to this one too. Sarah Husna was from UIA with Sarah Nabila and Izzairul Ikhwan. Because of Ikhwan, Nani didn't feel so alone AHAHAHAHA. And what's the best thing about that day was ... I met Nur Syawal Aiman Mazlan for the first time after 5 years! He's still the same Awal, my Awal :)



Oh crap! It was Eidulfitr so I was home.


Went to Rafiq's open house just because we wanted to meet Ikmal (who was going to US that night) and of course, free food. The food was delicious. Seriously. Maybe because Rafiq's dad is a Kedahan AHAHAHAHA. I didn't managed to meet Ikmal because he left right before I arrived. That night when I was about to leave, most of them were going to KLIA, just for a farewell. 


Went to TS but didn't have time to snap a picture because we were busy wasting our money!


Dude, I'm here. Home. KEDAH!

If you notice, Week 6 8 and 9 were the only weeks that I didn't meet Mubin. Mubin always miss me, that's why he asked me out every week. And I'm kinda sad because I never meet Ammar there in KL yet. And Asyraf Ramlan. And Ashraf Azhar. And I miss Pan. Hoping that Pan will go to KL just for me.

I'm sleepy. Let me sleep now. Goodnight peeps :)