Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Being noticed

I have always believed myself as an observer, but not someone who's actually being observed. So every time someone notices all the little things and all the small details about me just by seeing me and not because I’ve told them, I feel… touched. I am flattered. It overwhelms me, but in a good way.

It feels nice. Does it always feel this nice?

I love to observe people; to look at the moves and gestures made. Sometimes I can even feel content just by setting my eyes on them. It’s complicated. I love to look at my mom’s moving chest when she is asleep as it is always a relief to know that she’s still breathing. I love to see at the way my nephew blinks. I love to witness bae’s straight face forming into a small smile and finally turns into a big one. I enjoy seeing one of my classmates’ ponytail jiggling along with her each step. Sometimes I even like staring at people and merely admire the unexplainable beauty. Thus it had never occurred to me that someone could actually notice me, as I noticed the others.

But someone already has.

There was this one time when I was eating a vanilla flavoured bun and one of my classmates came to me and asked, “Don’t you like chocolate? I’ve always seen you eating this one”. I was at loss of word for a few seconds. And then, I simply laughed. I laughed because I had never thought that someone would actually notice that. But she did.

Yet for some unknown reasons, it made me feel delighted.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Things that make me happy in Penang

  1. The splendid view
  2. The sky
  3. The beach
  4. The sunrise / sunset
  5. The ocean
  6. Eating at the beach
  7. Hanging out at Chew Jetty
  8. Hiking Moon Gate 5
  9. Queensbay Mall’s pan mee
  10. The Kapit’s chicken wings and green tea
  11. Tanduk CafĂ©’s bihun sup (but it’s gone now)
  12. Nazri’s bihun celup
  13. Wanie, Yeobo, Aben, Humayra, Falis and some of my classmates
  14. Sleeping in
  15. Sleeping early
  16. Knowing class / meeting just got cancelled
  17. Foot drill
  18. Whenever someone is visiting over
  19. Finding a vacant parking lot near to my apartment’s entrance
  20. Collecting my parcels from UniStorage
  21. Queensbay Mall’s Daiso
  22. Bumping into people whom I like on the street
  23. Eating lunch at Awet Muda
  24. Discovering new places with certain people
  25. Getting a call from bae
  26. Laying down on my queen size’s bed after the very long day
  27. Finally letting my hair loose
  28. Being offered food
  29. Driving to my CDs
  30. Trying new food / stalls / restaurants / etcetera
  31. Sometimes, the rain
  32. Eating breakfast
  33. The ocean breeze
  34. Getting sun-kissed skin at dawn / dusk
  35. Walking around Georgetown
  36. Buying postcards for my loved ones
  37. Riding the bike with Hazwani or Aina
  38. Getting picked up for dinner or new adventure
  39. Taking great photos of me and the view
  40. Finally getting my works done
  41. When I actually have time to do my artsy stuff lmao
  42. Good Day’s green tea
  43. Subaidah’s nasi goreng
  44. Driving through Penang Bridge
  45. Great Wi-Fi connection at St. John’s room
  46. When things go well for me