Sunday, April 28, 2013

#Quotations1 by Kwon Ji Yong :)

Vector Salam


"Too fast to live, too young to die"

"Live free, die strong"

"Kill them with success and bury them with a smile"

"I realized that how much effort you put in your work doesn't guarantee its result"

"Music is oxygen. If you don't have oxygen you can't breathe. To me music is something that's always there, where ever I go it's a part of me, without it I can't live. It breathes with me"

"They say 'love is blind', Oh baby you're so blind"

"It doesn't matter if we fell down because we are still young"

"When I talk about 'friends' the first person that comes to my mind of course is TaeYang. In 'Real Documentary Big Bang' we were depicted as if we were rivals and wary of each other but the truth it, TaeYang, to me, is the one person I can depends on in the whole world no matter what"

"I think if I try my best to make people happy, they'll realize the truth for themselves"

"VIP is the name of our fanclub, so it's probably the word we say the most often, think of most often and sing of most often"

"I am afraid of loneliness, can't live if I am alone"

"To be big bang is kids that don't listen. We take paths that other don't take and do things that others are scared of doing. We do those things purposefully. So that when we look back at ourselves in the future, we can be proud"

"Music inspired my heart, my body and makes me breathe"

"The great stage makes my heart beat"

"So, if I didn't walked in the way of music, what can I do?"

"If I have cared what people had taught of me and then I've walked on eggshells, I couldn't have done anything. Bad words are good words, these are just opinions. I keep doing my best so I think they will accept me someday"

"I want to show my true self, not how I want to be seen by others"

"What is worse that facing failures? I think it is the thought of giving up trying. I believe that pain can be a driving force for us to do what we have to do"

"Before, I used to write about the questions I had. Now, I write about what I've come to realize"

"A song with a strong message is strong enough to move the entire world"

"I want someone who can cook well. I want her to be capable in many things. Because other than music, I don't know how to do anything else. So I want to be able to learn from her"

"I am who I am and I think that people like me for it"

"I've come here with no rest since I was 13. My mightiest weapon was my confidence"

"My problem is that I can't stay mad. I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it"

"'Singers are stupid. They are just puppets of their agencies' I didn't like prejudices like that. I wanted to be a singer who could express his thoughts"

"We never get goals because once we reach them, we can't walk any further"

"We don't hold on to people who say they're leaving"

"I personally do not care what others say about me. If I were easily effected by the feedback that we gained, we would not be able to be true to ourselves. It also applies in fashion, even if I wore ridiculous clothes, I would just want to show you my true colours. I believe that people would follow suit of our belief, since I have experienced it myself, I will not change it even in future"