Thursday, May 23, 2013

Confession #5

I want a boy best friend who will call me beautiful, and like my photos on Facebook, commenting them saying things such as the fact he's proud to have me as a bestfriend. One that I can call up, crying about other boys, and him saying he'll beat the shit out of them for me. A boy bestfriend who will drive me around like he's my big brother, and kiss me on my forehead when he knows I'm upset. One who becomes friend with my boyfriend and one who calls me up to see what I'm doing. I want a boy bestfriend who will tell me when I'm wrong, and force me into fixing things and apologizing because he knows that it will make things better for me. I just want a perfect boy bestfriend, who will love me and protect me from all the other boys.

#Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
#Someone who will beat up the guys who hurt me.
#Someone who knows every single detail of me.
#Someone who makes me laugh until I cry.
#Someone who I can be myself with.
#Someone who won't cause so much fucking drama.
#Someone who will always be there for me no matter what.
#Someone who will write me cute paragraph.
#Someone proud to call me his best friend.
#Someone I can keep secrets with.
#Someone who cares about me.
#Someone who put efforts just to see my smile.
#Someone to be my shoulder to cry on.

And I have three persons dancing in my mind.

You: I love it when you call me Bong and tease me.
You: I miss the time when we used to write small notes and letters.
You: I love it when you call me Bro Panda and being totally crazy.

Thank you for everything :')