Monday, November 30, 2015


Almost one year ago, I was scrolling through 'explore' on my brother's Instagram account (I used his account a lot and I am still using it lol) and out of sudden, I found this one feed which attracted my attention. It was a bookstagram.

Bookstagram (n.)
           an Instagram account where people post about bookish stuff

Yep, I found a bookstagram and when it was my 20th birthday, I finally decided to create one of my own. I didn't really read back then. I did read, but rarely. Even for now, I am not a very strong reader but I am totally sure that I read more compared to before.

And I am proud of it lolololol.

So, if you happened to be a reader or maybe if you happened to be interested in following a bookish account, you are more than welcomed to follow my bookstagram. My username is bibliobong, you can click on the link. My feeds aren't as pretty as other bookstagrammers but I think it's fine. Apparently, I am not satisfied with my own feeds but I am working on improving them.

I have been buying books without having the time to read them. I read when I am in mood of it. I didn't really think that I was buying too much (even though when I put myself in book buying ban and broke it) yet once I counted my books, they happened to be more than I thought. Didn't see that coming.

It was my guilty pleasure. Wait, it is.

Because of the books, I kept asking for my very own bookshelf from my parents and I got it yay! I was really happy that I wrapped all of my books before stacking them on my new shelf hehehe. After I was done with arranging my books on the shelf, I realised how small the number of books that I own. Hence, I am working on enlarging the number which absolutely going to empty my bank account oh gosh I am so dead!

Here is a friendly reminder: My birthday is on January. Feel free to give me book(s). Thank you.