Saturday, June 11, 2016


Almost a month ago, I bought this one book just because I kept seeing it everywhere and also because I loved the cover. Plus, I was on my way home from KL and had nothing to read during the journey so I decided to sacrifice one of my BB1M vouchers (which I spared to buy the whole The Mortal Instruments boxed set) to buy three local books.

One of them was The Other Side of the Coin written by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran.

When I bought it, I had no idea what it was about as there's no synopsis written at the back of the book. I assumed it was a motivational book. A common one. But of course I was wrong. I started reading it without having any idea in mind since I didn't even skim or scan the contents beforehand. I did that all the time, reading a book without knowing what it's about. So a few weeks earlier, I picked it up and read, finished it in a week.

My heart almost burst out from mah chest.

Why? Because I just realised that I was actually reading something religious. It is not a bad thing to read something religious. It was just that I thought I wasn't good enough to read one lol and of course I was wrong. You don't have to wait until you are 'good enough' to start reading one. This book is good for a beginner like me. The stories make sense, the approach used in it is acceptable, and it makes you think a lot about yourself.

Little did you know, you're doing self-reflection.

The contents are everything from our daily life, our normal behaviour. So it does help in every single way. The book is divided by two parts; Aiman Azlan's first and the followed by Ameen Misran's. To be honest, I prefer Aiman Azlan's approach more because I think he is tender compared to Ameen Misran's. Ameen Misran's is quite... forceful, I think? But both ways are still acceptable for me.

Urgh, I am really really really bad at reviewing a book!

Okay. Basically, if you want to do some self-reflections by reading something religious, you should try reading this book. It consists of verses from the Holy Quran and hadiths which can help or guide us in repenting our wrongdoings towards Him.


Okay this post feels so wrong since it's written by a satan but urgh I hope you would try reading this book because I like it so much and I want you, whoever who is reading this, to like it as much as I do. That's it, I'm out!

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