Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Vector Salam

Long time no see long time no see long long time no seeeeee. That is a song, if you wonder. I have not written anything since my previous semester break. What a bummer. Forgive me, vampires. I had been so busy during my third semester. It was a hectic one, I swear, but pretty sure the upcoming semesters will be worse than ever. Oh, and I dropped my CGPA. If I drop another 0.02, it would be a 'goodbye-NewZealand-you-lost'. I don't want that to happen so I think I have to work harder in the future. No more joli, kan? Tudien sembang.

Al-Fatihah kepada diri sendiri yang masih tiada kesedaran diri.

Today is December 31, 2014. A new chapter will be written starting from tomorrow. 2014 had been such a year for all of us Malaysians, and of course to ourselves as in individually too. The lost of MH370, the crashed of MH17, the flood tragedy, and the latest, QZ8501. Prayers and thoughts go to all the victims. 2014 is a remarkable year to everyone. Stay strong everyone.

La takhof wa la tahzan, innallaha ma'ana.

For me, I had been so happy watching other people furthering their studies abroad and I swear sending them off to airport really made me happy and sad at the same time. I was happy for them for studying abroad, while sad for myself for not going.with them. Sometimes I overthink simple things like this but well darling that's me. To Nad in Cardiff, Izz in Indianapolis, Erah in India, Zazli in Michigan, kaktini in Adelaide, Adeq and Awie in Russia, Izzat in Indonesia, Afiq in Manchester kot hahahahaha lupa, and Ady in Korea; stay safe and enjoy yourselves well! More people are following them, Asyraf Ramlan, Rafiq, Aifa, Nadsyam and others. Good luck! Hope to join you guys soon, in syaa Allah. It is not hurt to dream, is it?

By-the-way, I am going to turn 20 in 12 days!

I have been thinking about my birthday too much this lately lol I don't even know why. I have been predicting things that will happen on that day lol even though things are usually don't happen as I think they would be but daydreaming feels great. My birthday should be on the first day of class but since they postponed the registration, I will not going back to KL until 14th January. I thought if I was going to have my birthday there, I wanted a little escape from everyone in my college. I see it as a break from college life. I kinda have an issue with birthday, y'know. Nothing good ever happened on my actual birthday before since I was a kiddo, I celebrated it earlier or later than the exact day and the exact day always turned out to be one of the worst day of the year. So yes, I really can use a break on my birthday. And 2015 is going to be the first birthday I will celebrate at home since 2008. Sad, I know.

I want a small birthday party with The Basic and all four of my favourite men.

But it is impossible because Asyraf Ramlan is going to fly early January, Pan is going back to Arau on 11th, Ammar is not going to be back until 15th, Wanie is going to back to Perak of course, and I don't know about Mubin. Oh well I don't mind since it doesn't hurt to dream. Unless you start to assume things to work your way, and that would kill you.

I made a list of presents that I would like to give to myself hehe.

A red Axia but no hahahahahahaha Abah won't buy me any car. He told me to study hard so I can get a good job that will come with great salary and then I can buy any car that I want to. A little bit disappointed with the answer but what can I dooooo oh my, life is hard okay? Oh and I want three books that are going to cost me RM70+/- for each. Damn me and my expensive taste of books haih.

Book 1: Pieces of You by Tablo

I found RM70.00+/- as the cheapest

Book 2: Lullabies by Lang Leav

Usually RM60+ but I found a cheaper one

Book 3: Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

Same as book 2

I wasn't a fan of Lang Leav but suddenly I found myself attracted to these books and I have no reason for my defense. But I really hope I could have all these books, especially the one written by Tablo. I bet it is as good as his songs. Dammit I need it so bad!

Oh and don't forget that we have lots of movies to look forward in 2015. Cheers!

Hope to travel, but not a wanderlust.
Love books, but ain't a bibliophile.

That's it. See ya when I see ya!