Friday, January 3, 2014

#Review : 2013

Vector Salam

Ehem. I know I'm quite late but hey, better late than never right? Everyone posted about their New Year's resolution but no, nope for me. I haven't completed my previous new years' resolution lulz so I don't bother to have a new one. So here's a review on my 2013.

1. PLKN - Kem Lagenda Seri Negeri, Langkawi

Delta! I miss Delta so much and those people homaigod! I cried before I went there but then I cried again when I was about to leave them. The memories, experiences, friendships, they are priceless and indescribable. PLKN taught me to befriend with girls ahahaha. Serious talk aku cakap, if you're not chosen for this, you're so unlucky. I give you my words. And the best part is, I added a guy in my 'guy-bestfriends-list'. Asyraf Ramlan, a person that I've known since I was in form one but never talk with and now he ends up as one of my favourite guys. Life is so unpredictable, kan?

2. Result SPM

The only result that made me cried so far ahahaha. I cried because I'd let my parents down and could barely forgive myself for this *sigh* and this thing still haunting my life.

3. Favourite girls

Another girls after PLKN! Well, PLKN taught me to befriend with girls so when I went to KL I kept telling myself to throw away my old behaviour yang cukup susah nak kawan dengan perempuan so yes, I made it. I think so. Aniem Inaa Nanie: the reason that makes me keep holding on because they can never take care of themselves, they are so lengai you know so I have to be the 'mummy' to handle these lengais.

4. Section 11

Another awesome people that light up my year! I admit it, to socialize with them was kinda hard okayyy for a person who is suffering from pistanthrophobia like me lah so I spent my time all alone during gap ahahaha but now, not anymore. How I wish we will be together till the very last sem, and lecturers are the same ones that teach us from start till end *sigh*

5. Wishlist

So I'd checked two of my wishlist, a lightstick and a sweater hehehehe. Looking forward to buy more!

6. New baby

November 25th 2013, my sistah gave birth to this new baby, Ahmad Riyadh Izzudin. So, you were the one that had been in my sistah's belly for months and made her extremely exhausted all the time? You kinda worth it hehe. Welcome to the family, homie!

7. Love life

We're getting stronger, I think, even though tiap tiap bulan aku asyik mintak break macam hapa ja lagi ahahaha. I know, my bad. I couldn't handle my temper. I need my punching bag :( Thank you for staying this long. Sorry for everything I'd put you through. Hearthang 


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