Friday, December 31, 2010

Brrr. =.= *Part Three*

Tae Kyung's reaction when he got 100 marks from Mi Nam? BAHAHAHA.

If it's dark, i can't see anything.
I'll just think that i can't see anything because it's dark.


I am going to tell you everyday so listen carefully. I love you.


You’re listening now, aren’t you? It’s so bright here, and your side is so dark that I can’t see you. Please, don’t be where I can’t see you! Come to where I can see you. Give permission to let me see you.


Go Mi Nam. I am someone who is loved by numerous people. That’s what I do for a living. It won’t trouble me at all to let you join as a fan in one of my million fan clubs. That’s the sort of person I am. You can like me. And everything will be alright.


If you're not going inside that fridge, close the door.

By Hwang Tae Kyung ; You're Beautiful.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brrr. =.= *Part two*

I was trying to be able to see you clearly when you came

even in the dark

I even ate carrots and spinach I hate everyday

I was afraid I’d lose you in the dark, and I didn’t want to lose you

but now, even though I can see you so clearly

I still can’t hold onto you

♥ Hwang Tae Kyung; You're Beautiful


Brrr. =.=

C u r r e n t l y w a t c h i n g . . .

Y o u ' r e B e a u t i f u l

a n d

c u r r e n t l y a d d i c t e d t o

t h i s g u y !

S a y h e l l o t o J a n g G e u n S u k .


His damn charming smile is killing me!

E v e n t h o u g h . . .

His face looks like this! XD

Saranghae Hyung-nim. (:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rawr Baby RAWR! ♥

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. (:

Okie dokie eenie meenie minee moo. Hee. Dalam post aku hat before neyh bising jea dengan Bones tak habeh habeh. Sikit sikit Bones, sikit sikit Bones. Ntah hapa hapa. HAHA. Sat g ada oqang ingat aku gila tulang pulah. Grrr. Mampoih gak kalo lagu tuh. Ni haa. Meh nak story sikit pasai Bones neyh. Bones neyh ada kat Channel FOX a.k.a 710. Brrr. Aku tengok jea. Ulang tak ulang, aku layan jea. HAHA.

Ni dya punya main characters aa neyh.
Dari kiri:
Hodgins, Angela, Booth, Brennan, Sweets plus Cam.

Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan
Ni la BONES. Hee. Acely, Booth jea panggey dya Bones. Sebab pa? Sebab dya suka tulang, dya tak suka daging. Muka dya berkerut bila depa soh dya belah badan oqang. HAHA. Pala hotak dya penoh ngan facts. Kadang kadang dya neyh macam blurr pown ada gak. Hee.

David Boreanaz as Agent Seeley Booth
Oke. Dya neyh ejen FBI yang gila gila sikit. Dya ni laa hero cita neyh. Mata dya kecik, serius charming gila. Dah la hot. Tapi still tak bule lawan Mario Lopez. HAHA. Dya sweet kotttt dengan Dr. Brennan. Direct berkepit dwa. Jeles jeles. HAHA. Saja nak buat gegeyh.

See see seeeeeeeee. Mereka tersangatlah sweet. Hee. Sweet oke? Bukannya sweat. Lalala. Oke. Aku perli someone sebenaqnya. Ahmad Nur Faizzy Ahmad Sabri, sila terasa! Muahahahaha. *gelak jahat

Michaela Conlin as Angela Motenegro
Dya chantek kan kan kannnn? Brennan penah kata "We all genius, accept for Angela." And dya pown balas "Aha? So who's you hope for a beautiful picture?" HAHA. Angela neyh kerja bab bab grafik grafik neyh. Staii bhaii. Lalala.

TJ Thyne as Jack Hodgins
Dya neyh bab bab nak cari peralatan pembunuhan. Suka tengok dya buat keja bhaii. Dya gila gila gak. HAHA. Tu yang best tuh. Kat lengan dya ada tatu muka Angela. Ayah Angela soh dya buat sebab dulu dya kapel ngan Angela. Bila Angela nampak "You must clean that thing up. I don't want you sweating on my face." HAHA.

John Francis Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets
Aha. Jambu jea tengok mamat ni kan? Macam skem pown ada gak. HAHA. Dya doktor psikologi la. So, sapa sapa yang saket jiwa bule la p jumpak dya. Hee. Tapi dya dah ada awek. Oke. Aku jeles. HAHAHA. Suma aku nak jeles. Haishhh.

Tamara Taylor as Camille Saroyan
Dya neyh tadak ah banyak cakap sangat. Kadang kadang blurr pown ada gak. HAHA. Dya baik, tadak lah sekejam Brennan. Brennan taklah kejam tapi dengan doktor doktor praktikal neyh dya tak ngam sikit. Suka dera depa. Sian Dr. Nigel, selalu kena ngan dya. Dr. Saroyan ngan Hodgins aa yang selalu backup Nigel. HAHA.

Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick
Dya neyh macam pembantu Hodgins aa. Kerja dya tambah tolak darab bahagi, lebeyh kurang jea dengan Hodgins. By the way, ni la awek Sweets. Oke. Depa dah tunang. Sweets dah propose dya kat dalam lab depan skeleton. BAHAHA. Suara dya dah la kecik. Sweet gila kot tengok dya dengan Sweets. Kalah Booth dengan Brennan. :D

Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray
Kerja dya pown lebeyh kurang cam Hodgins ngan Daisy. Dya ney madu Hodgins. HAHA. Sekarang dya dengan Angela, tapi Hodgins suka Angela lagi. So, kita tengok ah cena nanti. Wendell neyh praktikal jugak kot kalo tak silap aku. Muka dya macam budak sekolah jea. =.=

Bones memang best! Rawk abehhhhhhh. Cara depa siasat tuh staii gila bhaii. Hee. Selain dari Bones, Castle pown aku layan gak. Tapi Castle pasal tangkap penjenayah jea. Tak focus sangat pasai cara the dead tu mati. Hee.

PS: I prefer English series so much better than Indon. Sinetron? Macam hare! HAHA. No offense babe.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. (:

I don't know what to say. Counting my days to the end like nothing else i can do about it. Waiting for 2010 to disappeared and 2011 will come and say hello to me and gosh! Everything's gone. Memories are still. I love pictures damn much because they won't change. Even though i know that the people in them do change. They are too many bitter sweets in 2010.

In these last few days, my mind keeps telling me that . . .

I hate the fact that i gonna be an upper form student. I hate the fact that school is almost to the end. I hate the fact that i lost him. I hate the fact that i had change. I hate the fact that i gonna have new teachers next year. I hate the fact that the hottest guy in school a.k.a Cikgu Yusmizal already fly to Kuching. I hate the fact that i can't stare at Ustaz Manzur's baby face anymore. I hate the fact that my beloved friends didn't get straight A's like i do because they had do their best and hell yeah, they are so much better than me. I hate the fact that this honeymoon is going to the end. I hate the fact that i lost my friends. I hate the fact that i gonna see new faces next year. I hate the fact that i gonna be a SPM candidate soon.

I hate the fact that both of my phones are running out of credit. I hate the fact that he changed. I hate the fact that 25 students are gonna kick-out of the school. I hate the fact that subjects increase next year. I hate the fact that i can't watch Bones anymore after these 6 days. I hate the fact that i am totally not in my mood to buy school's stationery. I hate the fact that i will back to my favourite prison soon. I hate the fact that i have to say goodbye to my netbook and my phones plus my family. I hate the fact that my grandma is not here. I hate the fact that i lied to him last night. But mostly, I hate the fact that Fatimah Daud is not moving to the other place.

But i love the fact that i'm getting matured. I love the fact that i'm growing. I love the fact that my dear friends still be there next year. I love the fact that Haji Man already moved. I love the fact that i'm getting better. I love the fact that i am currently addicted to Bones. I love the fact that i am not addicted to my phones anymore. I love the fact that i gonna have a nephew soon. I love the fact that i am collecting The Saga of Darren Shan. I love the fact that i will be a senior next year. I love the fact that my friends are getting better. I love the fact that my birthday is on January. I love the fact that Farisha is moving here. Well, i hope so. I love the fact that my parents are proud of me. I love the fact that my beloved friends being concern 'bout my currently problem. I love the fact that Giant always open my blog. HAHA. Gotcha Giant! I love the fact that my brother already married. I love the fact that i loss my weight.

And yeah, I love the fact that he is happy with her. I love the fact that Giant is missing me so badly. HAHA. I love the fact that 2011 will full with double trouble. I love the fact that i bought my shoes already. I love the fact that i gonna have a new school bag because i rarely buy a new one. I love the fact that i am missing my grandma so badly. I love the fact that i'm hoping for pkp. I love the fact that Percy Jackson is so much cuter than Justin Bieber and Mario Lopez is damn hot. I love the fact that i'm in love with double cheese burger. I love the fact that my mentees who always copy my essay got A in English. I love the fact that i still can crap with my Nabil again next year. I love the fact that I still can torture Afiy to explain those stupid Science facts until i understand. I love the fact that the Four Musketeers are still together and got the same result. But mostly, I love the fact that i can paste more and more McD's advertisement on Ammar's table next year and tease him like hell and when i see his ears already turn to red, i will apologize and shut my mouth and he will gives me a smile. His smile is damn charming oke? Kan Adlina kan kan kan? I know you will agree with me. HAHAHAHA. :D

Seems like i hate more than i love. Well, what can i do about it? It is out of control.

I know that 2011 will be more confusing and adventuring and fascinating and enthuse and yeahhhh. Super duper double triple trouble. I hope i can make it well. Well, i hope so. HAHA.

Homaigoddddddd. Dear GOD, may You bless us all. Amin amin amin ya rabbal alamin. (:


Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank you love. (':

Dear my beloved friends. There's something that i want you to know.

Dear Siti Nabilah Mohamad Zainal.
Hey hunny. I never send you any message or any hint bout my currently problem right? Well, i'm sorry. I really do. I just don't want to mess up your brain because of my non-important problem. You have your own problem right? The problem is something that humiliating for me so i keep it to myself. At least for a few first days. Thanks for being concern bout me. I appreciate it much. Hope you will be my roommates for next year. I love you doggy bunny. (':

Dear Farisha Amira Rusman.
Yes babyyyy. I'm so sorry 'cause i didn't tell you earlier bout my problem. I know you quite mad at first and you thought that i was joking and didn't believe me at all and called me 'beautiful liar'. HAHA. But then you started to believe me when i swore to you that i was telling the truth. You sorry for me and asked me to take my time. I'll be fine babe. You know i will. But it can't be as fast as i'm typing this thing. I love you much babe. You are my favourite hubby. Thanks for always being there for me no matter what. (':

Dear Adlina Maisarah Mahadi.
HAHA. I know that you are my daughter. You will always be. Although we are only pretending to be mak and anak but yeahhh, you will always be my favourite daughter. Oke. At least until i get my own real daughter. HAHA. I'm sorry because i didn't tell my story to you either. I know you should know because this is our family problem but hell yeah, i don't want to tell you. HAHA. You can ask your beloved pak tuh sendiri. And then you will get the answer. I will keep my lips locked babe. (':

Dear Ahmad Asyraf Ahmad Rosli.
Aha. This boy is always be there for me too. I mean, when i have a problem with 'him'. HAHA. He had the same faith like so me so that's why i will find him if there's anything happen in my relationship. No matter what it is. But i'm sorry. This time i keep it as my own secret. I just told you the point, not the full story. I can't even speak so how can i tell you the whole story? It is something that i can't be proud of. That's why i just keep my mouth locked. I'm sorry. Really sorry. I think he need you more than me. Go ahead. Console him. I'm already been inconsolable. I will be alright. Time will make me fine. I will. I hope so. HAHA. Thanks boy. (':

a n d

My dear Meow.
HAHA. I can't mention the name here because both of us gonna be killed then. Lalala. Thank you for all the advice that you gave me. You told me that i deserve someone better, someone who will take good care of me and not gonna break my heart. You comfort me well boy, thank you. You already be my friends for years. We share so much of problems and things together. I will never forget you. And sorry because i always be the one who makes your girl jealous to death. HAHA. I don't know what is the big problem anyway. We're best friends, or should i say twin? Yes twinnie. (':

Dear my super duper friends, i appreciate how you being concern about me. I really do. But everyone has their own secret and story right? So i decided to keep this stupid problem by myself. Anyway, it is really good to know that there is some people who still loves me and care about me. I'm still alive and will be fine. Just fine. So, you guys don't have to worry bout me anymore. I can take care of myself. I won't die la weyh! Trust me. Love you!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tring to Smile. (:

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. (:

Alhamdulillah. I'm feeling better now. Still down down down but better la than aqi tuh. Aqi tuh macam mayat hidop jea. HAHA. Balik balik dari ambik result, terus lena. Maghrib baru makan. Before ambik result aku minum ayaq kosong jea. Tu pown segelas jea. HAHA. Macam bodo.

Second day. HAHA. Sepatotnya aqi neyh aqi bahagea, but hell yeah. Dak pown. Lalala. Ni pown sama jea. Aku tak makan plus minum pa langsong sampai la malam. Tu pown paksa diri jugak makan. Rasa macam nak muntah balek pown ada. Hat paling tragis, qeyau time dok makan. Sempoi gila. Sapa ajaq soh qeyau depan rezeki pown aku tataw la. HAHA.

Third day. Lalala. Getting better. But still tadak mood nak sembang ngan sapa. Oqang tanya aku jawab aa. Pala hotak dok kusut gila vavi lagi. Abang balek baru aa aku cakap banyak sikit. Ntah ah. Mulut neyh rasa berat semacam jea nak cakap. HAHA. Kalo Giant baca neyh, tobat dya gelak guling guling. Sejak bila aku jadi lagu ni pown aku tataw ah. HAHA.

To dya:) Awai noh bagi hadiah? Bagi sekali gus suma. Hadiah sebab dapat lapan, hadiah 24, hadiah New Year and mostly, hadiah birthday. Thanks a lot. (:

PS: Serius aku cakap, tolong doa bagi aku dapat pkp. Aku nak blah jaoh jaoh. (:


Kempunan. ):

Tiba tiba jea kempunan nak makan burger. Err err. Nanak McD. ):

Prosperity burger? Nyummyyyyyyy. Selalu teringat kat Azali Ariffin bila tengok menda sedap neyh. Hohoi.

My favourite one. Oh my. Tiap tiap kali p McD selalunya hat ni la hat aku ambik. Sedap sedap. Lalalala.

P/S: Tadak keja. HAHA. Lapaqqqqqq.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Benevolent Kingdom. ♥

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. (:

Okeyh. Sekarang dah maghrib. Dah pukoi tujuh lebeyh dah but yeah, satu spesis makanan pa pown haram tak masok dalam perot aku lagi. And i'm not fasting okie dokie? Cuma, ntah. Tak lalu nak makan. Serius tadak mood gila. Even mama ngan kak panggey makan tadi pown aku tamaw. HAHA. Gedik kan tadak mood nak makan? Ntah hapa hapa!

Oke. That is not my main point for today. Straight to the story la noh? (:

Hee. Aku budak Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Kubang Pasu. Yeah. Proud to be the chosen one. But hell yeah, aku bukan riak ngan budak budak sekolah lain oke? Aku just bangga jadi warga sekolah aku. Muhonk ah kalau ampa kata ampa sikit pown tadak rasa bangga dengan sekolah ampa sekarang. Benevolent a.k.a 302, tu lah kelas aku. Auspicious, Benevolent, Courageous and and and Dynamic. Yeah. Only empat kelas jea for lower form. Hee.

Darilah form one sampai sekarang dah pegang slip PMR dah, aku dok kelas Benevolent Kingdom. Hee. Time tengah taon form two kena rombak but aku still dok kelas tuh. Hat lain suma tukaq oqang. HAHA. Awai awai time dapat kelas baru tuh, suma macam 'meluatnya, tak suka la, awat kena rombak tataw?' HAHA. Memang serius aku cakap, tak ngam gila! Naik form three, toksah dok abaq aa. Gila kamceng! HAHA. Walopown kami suma acely tak la rapat sangat pown tapi bila time dalam kelas, kami rapat. And and and, kami dapat gelaran kelas mayat. Tapi tuu ikot time jugak ah. Selalunya kami jadi hantu. Hee. :D

Guru kelas? Hmm. Mama Yanti ngan Mummy Syima. Yes baby, two moms per class. Hee. Kelas kami tersangatlah hingaq. Tu time kami jadi hantu. Tapi time cegu tanya soalan, dan dan jadi mayat. HAHA. Selalunya la kan, kami jadi hantu time prep malam. Homaigoddddd. Gila hingaq. Kelas lain senyap jea. Pasepa huh? Sebab depa mai lepak kelas kami. HAHA. Tapi malam malam, ramai dok library ah. Form three hingaq? Normal aa weyh! Lalala.

Bobo ngan Wanie! Yeahhhh. Ni la kami punya presiden and his wife. HAHA. Direct gadoh owh. Bertengkaq tak abeh abeh. Pasai buku kedatangan pown jadi keja. Aku la hat dok jadi mangsa dah depa dok lawan passing buku tuh. Hadoii. Haru nggoh. =.=

HAHA. Aku dengan Ad punya keja la neyh. Time teacher dok mengajaq kat depan, kami dok snap gamaq kat belakang. Dah la camera Ad hingaq. Oqang kaleh tengok kami wat ceqin jea. Hee. Sory la noh teacher. I love you. Heee. (:

Ni time abeh prep petang. Lalala. Kemas gila kan meja sekoq sekoq? HAHA. Ni la rupa budak MRSM kalau ampa nak taw. So, sila jangan masok MRSM. Hohoi! Oke oke. Aku main main jea. Mai la ramai ramai masok MRSM. Tapi serius aku cakap, barang kat koperasi gila mahai. Macam hare. Grrr. >:

Haa. Baguih dak cegu tadak pown dok study? HAHAHA. Oke. Group budak laki tuh depa dok buat mesyuarat agong pa tataw. Yang pasti sepasti pastinya, tu BUKAN pasai pelajaran. Ops ops. Aku tercaps lock la pulak. Sory lanoh Afiy, Uthi, Bobo and and and Amin. (:

Chakkkk! Tengok aku dok study. Hat jadi center gamaq tu aku la. Tudien. Nak promote diri seniri. Gila tak bule blah. HAHA. Tengok tengok tengok. Abang Afiy dok buat hawt kat belakang lah. Hyeeeee abang Afiy. :D

Oh mannnnn. Budak rajen owh. Bangga satttttt. Maseh la Ad sebab snap pic neyh. Tapi, what am i doing ah time neyh? Writing in my SED book or what? =.="

Haa. Geng geng anak dara. HAHA. Oke. Athirah bukannya tengah pegang video game oke. Ampa toksah dok gedik nak salah paham pulak. Tu kamu BESTA la. Mus punya. Err err. Betoi tataw aku eja nama benda alah tuh. Blurr sat. =.=

Hang taw depa soh Muhammad Sayuthi bin Abdul Aziz tu buat pa? Depa soh dya sign menda alah neyh. Sila scroll bawah. (:

Yeahhhhh. This thing la. Pasepa huh? Tertulis 'Sign untuk tapir' kat paper tuh. HAHA. Uthi kan tapir. After dya sign, bagi oqang lain pulak sign. Last sekali, ni lah hasil dya. Kami stapler kat notice board hat dalam kelas tuh. HAHAHA. Yang paling bangganya, aku pown sign jugak. Lalala. :P

Hee. See see seeeeee. Betapa rajennya Nur Syahirah binti Berhan neyh. HAHA. And untuk pengetahuan am ampa suma, err err. Gamaq neyh a day before PMR. HAHA.

Partner i pown sama jea. Hee. Dwa taon i dok dengan you kan Adlina Maisarah Mahadi sayanggggg? Walopown sangatlah seksa dok dengan you, but i really sure that i gonna miss you. ):

Wanie ngan Amirrrrrrr. Hee. Serius aku terharu gila tengok budak budak laki jaga Amir kat asrama. Tolak wheelchair dya sana sini. Nak naik tangga, depa angkat. Tidoq kat sickbay sama sama. Homaigodddddd. Serius aku cakap, aku tabek ampa. (:

HAHA. Budak budak belakang aku. Lalala. Depa neyh saja rajen. Rajen buat pa tataw. Hat aku dok lena sedap jea. Awat ampa tak join tataw? :P

Tempat Syaamil ngan Amir. HAHA. Gila kemas! Tempat ampa bule lawan dak? :D

A F T E R P M R . (:

Owh yeah! Kami kena kemas kelas owh. Hee. Dah la kelas gila vavi sepah. Kalah kandang kuda! Ops ops. Terlupa yang dalam kelas neyh banyak binatang, maw nya tak sepah. HAHA. Penat owh dok kemas kemas neyh segala. Grr. :|

Oqang lain pakai baju sukan, aku pakai baju kurung. Baguih dak? Ceqin jugak la. #_#

S u m p a h a k u r i n d u !

^^ time kita ramai ramai pangkah LDP hat mai soh kita kemas kelas tuh.
^^ time kita ramai ramai pangkah Shasha. Sory noh Shasha!
^^ time kita ramai ramai pangkah Afiy dengan jayanya! Ampon weyh.
^^ time kita ramai ramai dok sembang muhonk.
^^ nak dengaq Amin nyanyi. Weyh. Hang kan mp3 aku.
^^ nak layan lagu jiwank time buat soalan Math.
^^ bila merajok, Ad tobat belanja aku sundae.
^^ buat pakatan serbu tempat tokei minyak wangi
^^ boys berebut paper dengan girls. HAHA.
^^ Ammar bagi tusyen Math personally.
^^ Seksa Afiy soh dya terang Sains sampai aku paham. HAHA.
^^ Hingaq pasai bola, tambah tambah FIFA.

Banyak sangat kalau nak diikotkan. Tapi yang paling aku rindu ...

^^ Wanie, Bit, Tqah, aku, Ammar and Bobo main ayaq dalam kelas after prep petang! HAHA. Gila hingaq. Dok lari lari segala macam budak tadika. Abeh basah meja. Serius. Aku rindu gila time tuh. Nak lagi nak lagi nak lagi.

To budak budak Benevolent Kingdom :)

Amir Mansor, Syaamil Mustar Redi, Aiman Rosli, Hilmi Azahari, Farah Ismail, Athirah Aminuddin, Zihah Nasir, Aishah Amran, Sarah Zahir, Tqah Zolkipli, Ad Mahadi, Syahir Berhan, Uthi Aziz, Amin Abdullah, Afiy Taufiq, Bobo Abu Bakar, Mus Shaffee, Afiq Izham, Aliff Samshul Anor, Azali Ariffin, Pun Badarudin, Shasha Abdullah, Idah Zulkifli, Fieqah Saadin, Ziera Sabri, Amirah Ahmad and and and Bit Anizaim.

Tak kira la kita kat mana pown, jangan lupa kenangan kita na na nahh? (:

Aku sayang ampa!