Thursday, June 30, 2016

Confession #13

I found it's scary how one haven't moved on from his/her 4-year partner but then caught him/herself liking someone else. And I am not talking about crush like here. I am talking about literally like like. You really like him/her. It's not actually love yet, it's just that you really really reaaaally like this one person but at the same time you haven't moved on from your previous partner. I found it's intimidating to have feelings like this as it might kill you anytime it wants too. Lucky for me, I've told myself loooong ago before that I would never get this guy no matter what happens because he is sooooo out of my league. So if one day I got myself brokenhearted by this guy, it's all my fault. Yep, told myself that.

Yeah, it's a heartbreaking stuff.

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