Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Confession #9

Well hello there, people.

Wow. I had so many things to confess here but right now I have nothing in mind like seriously nothing it is even like a blank space (not the one Taylor Swift has been singing then and now) so blank that I myself find it amazing. Or amusing. Lol.

Okay, I got one; Writing.

If you know me since high school, you would know how much I love writing and doodling craps in my notebooks. I have plenty of them. I would write anything that came across my mind whenever and wherever, it didn't even matter if I was in the middle of the class or what, I would eventually write. Ever wonder how much i wrote back then?
1. I wrote too much that one of my friend said that she couldn't concentrate in class because there were too much to read on my desk.
2. I wrote too much that I even wrote a book of short poems and such and I even originally wrote some them.
3. I wrote too much that a friend of mine would storm off out of nowhere just because she wanted to borrow my 'poetry' book.
4. I wrote too much even in exams and I would come out with great marks for writing (well I think they were great marks since I didn't get that high marks for other subjects that didn't involve writing)
5. I wrote too much even in my love letters (this is a very embarrassing part for me)
6. And of course, I had to make my essays as long as possible because of my small handwriting.

But now, I don't even write anymore.

Sometimes I hate myself for stopping. This year, my man got me a notebook out of many other things for my birthday because oh well he knows how much I love writing. Or loved. I don't know. Everything seems blurry. I have no idea why I ever gave up on writing. I wonder why did I stop. I bought a MYR30+ notebook when I was in the first semester because I thought I would make it as a diary and write. But I didn't. I can't even remember when is the last time I wrote in that silver notebook of mine. I think I'll tear the pages written and start fresh with scrabbling again.

I hope I will. I really do.

Because no matter what excuses I am giving you, I really miss writing. Writing is like the best part of learning ABC and I swear it calms me down whenever I freak out or something. Even this blog. I miss blogging. I have a few drafts waiting to be posted but I don't think I will ever post them. Don't ask me why, I have no reasons for that too. Well apparantly because the stories have ran dry and I won't try to add more spikes in them. Well not now, not today.

And I am posting this too after months.