Thursday, June 19, 2014

Confession #8

Bullshits. Bullshits are everywhere.

I was having a difficult time to let go of all the bullshits that happened to me recently. Well of course it was difficult for me since I am a freaking over-sensitive person who simply gives a damn to everyone who I call them as a 'friend'. Unless if we are not friends and I do not know you and you are a complete stranger to me so yes I won't give a damn about you. But in this case, it's different. That person is a friend. Though we're never close to each other but still, we never have any problem either.

Sadly, that kinda pissed me off.

The thing that I hate the most about social network is whenever you post or tweet something and you don't put any smiley or 'haha' or whatsoever that can express your feeling, people will easily misunderstood it and take it seriously since they are not listening to your voice or seeing your face expression. Even when those words are written correctly, people still will misunderstand it. And suddenly you got blamed and people started to get mad at you, like, for no reason. Isn't it sad? Plus, it came from a friend. Not a complete stranger. And I DID apologize, more than once.

So, I am clingy?

Someone left questions on my and was questioning about my 'clingyness' and I was like "Whaaaaaattttttttt?" ahahahahaha. Yeah man, I am clingy. But I am not that 'overly clingy' except lah when it comes to pan. Well, lantaklah boyfriend aku yang nak bising kenapa? *angkat kening double-jerk* Hahaha. But still, I don't know why did I find those questions are freaking ridiculous and funny lulz. Seriously. And I am currently smiling right now, literally.

Why did I find those questions were funny? And still are. *chuckles*

First thing first, the person said something like this lah "Asyik nak berkepit je. Kau tak reti nak independent ke?" Oh well not as accurate as the original one but it has same meaning. Lulz, 'asyik nak berkepit'? Seriously weh? Because you are the first person who says such thing to me *clap clap* Ya lah since the question that I've been asked the most all these years is "Kenapa sorang?" or "Kenapa caek suka jalan sorang sorang?" and suddenly you said I 'asyik nak berkepit'. Wow. You really know me well, huh?

Just, wow.

Secondly, I was asked "Kau tak pernah tanya ke mana tau diorang rimas?". It is a normal thing lah. I am pretty sure all of you have at least one good friend who makes you 'rimas' but you never have the intention to get rid of her or him. Plus, I am only being clingy with those who I am close with. And those people are currently living or studying far away from me. Like my four favourite men, The Lengais, The Basic and that's it. Except The Lengais lah yang tu sebilik sekarang lulz. Being clingy means asyik nak berkepit, asyik nak text la apa la kan? I only become like that when it comes to Pan. And as I said just know, boyfriend aku kan bukannya boyfriend hang lulz nak bising dah kenapa? Ahahahaha.

To the others, nope.

My four favourite men -- Pan is my boyfriend so let's skip him. Mubino? I asked him and he is fine with me and he loves me and dude, he is my twin. Please lah. Ammar? We are rarely text each other. But at least once a month lah and he loves me too. Acap? We rarely text either. Just contact each other once awhile. And he is as clingy as me either. Back then at maktab, Pan Mubin and Ammar always came to accompany me whenever they saw me alone. So yeah, berkepit la jugak. Acap? Only at PLKN. He is one of my life saviour back then at PLKN. And still is, sometimes. But now, all of us rarely see each other.

Basically, they love me more than you know.

The Lengais -- Yeah yang ni memang aku asyik berkepit, but only after class. All of us were in different classes and barely saw each other at college. I used to walk back to Maxisegar alone, literally walked. Maybe you can count that as 'independent', huh? It's not I want to berkepit much, it's more to penakut. I'm afraid to get in the elevator alone, even the toilet. I am being paranoid of this 'supernatural' thing but lantak lah bukan aku call hang suruh hang mai teman.

I asked them and they love me either.

The Basic -- Wanie ja lah since I already talked about Pan and Ammar. I know Wanie well. I can know when she gets rimas or something because I made her mad before so no problem for me. And we rarely text each other too.

She loves me, of course.

So the conclusion here, you don't know a thing about me yet you keep saying thing to me and blabla seriously weh? Get a life and grow up. Stop getting mad everytime you get offended. Try to control yourself. Please lah.

"Buat bodoh dah la Syahirah. Toksah dok ambik kisah la pasai benda benda bodoh macam ni."
- Hanani Fauzi

"Benda bodoh memang ada dalam dunia ni. Layankan saja"
- Athirah Mahmud
"Buat bodoh ja. Depa bukan tau pa pun"
- Asyraf Rosli
I do get offended whenever a friend keep follow and unfollow nih. But if I really annoyed you that every single tweet or every single post of mine really annoyed you and simple pissed you off, just unfollow me. Easy. Ya la dah meluat sangat kan?

Oh well, haters gonna hate kan?