Friday, June 21, 2013

Literally -.-

Vector Salam

I've been heard of this word 'literally' a lot since I watch How I Met Your Mother. One of those main roles loves to use this word. I literally know nothing about how to use this word correctly so I did asked my breathing dictionary. To be exact, my breathing dictionaries. I have numbers of them actually but tonight, there were only two: Syafiq Razip and Amirul Haziq Rodriguez.

#Amirul Haziq Rodriguez Sensei

Me: I actually have a problem about using the word 'literally'. How this word works actually? Someone? 
VI: you literally have problems using the word 'literally' in every literal sentences?
Me: Okay. This is one of the reasons why I love my anak buah. Another example please.
VI: I literally don't have any literal ideas of what I'm saying. Literally.
Me: Okay, I literally getting more confuse about the examples of 'literally' by Rodriguez. Okay Rodriguez, is this correct?
VI: literally yes
Me: Do you literally know who loves to use the word 'literally'?
VI: I literally don't know. Urmm Robin sherbatski. Tah nak eja nama dia
Me: Literally, it's Robin Scherbatsky :P
VI: nope. Wrong usage of literally
Me: Oh mannnn. Correct me.
VI: urmm nak senang belajar how to use. Search for rick roll video kat youtube n tengok sampai habis
Me: I'm learning from Syafiq too. So it's okay. I need to read more :)
VI: go and find the rick roll video young lady
Me: Which rick roll? The specific title please.

And the rest is history. 
Who am I kidding? VI disappeared HAHA.

#Master Syafiq Razip

Me: Syafiqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq. bagi contoh cena nak guna word 'literally'.
SR: I'm gonna eat you, literally.
Me: I'm not yummy, don't eat me please. Another example? hihi
SR: Basically, it's something extreme tp will happen. My face turned into a tomato when I'm angry, literally.
Me: Why literally kat belakang? Kalau kat tengah?
SR: Boleh jgk. It's an adverb.
Me: Contoh? HAHAHAHA VI pun tengah bagi contoh jugak. Pening aku -.-
SR: He is literally a monster. Not the bad-guy monster. But a real man-eating monster.
Me: Hang ni, example pun semua ayat power power macam buat essay -.-
SR: Camna nk bg hg faham, sat.
Me: HAHAHA. Aku faham la cuma aku still tak berapa reti nak guna that word. I literally understand that but literally, I still don't know how to use it.
SR: Um, not that correct lah. Tau sarcasm?
Me: Taw. Apa kena mengena?
SR: Good. It's sarcasm for real. Faham?
Me: Okay. Like aaaaaaaaa. I literally know that it wasn't you. Betoi dak? Ka aku muhong lagi? T.T
SR: Gimme your best sarcasm.
Me: I literally don't know how to be sarcastic.
SR: Hah! Nice!
Me: And that's not a sarcasm, literally. Wuuuuuuuu cikgu puji. HAHAHAHAHAHA
SR: Haha. Inception kot.
Me: K fine cikgu, fine. I need to learn more and more and more. There are lots of things waiting and thank God I have a walking dictionary!
SR: I'm not even walking. Haha.
SR: Haha, dictionaries can breath meh?
Me: Need evidence? Go in front of the mirror, take a look into it, and say hi to him.
SR: I don't see anyone!
Me: Syafiq, are you real? Don't tell me you're a ghost. Or a lost soul.
SR: I'm a potato. Evil potato.
Me: Hang takdak benda lain nak kata ka lain dari potato? -____________________- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
SR: Fine, a badass tomato.
Me: So, hello there badass tomato. I'm a kickass apple. Nice to know you.

And the rest is history ...
And yes. For real HAHAHA.


See? I chose to choose TESL and usually people will say, 
"You're going to be a TESL student? Oh you must be very good in English"
For God's sake, that is ain't true! And the evidence is me. I'm not that good in English. My English only let me sit on the line between B+ and A- when I was in Kubang Pasu. But hell yeah, I won't deny that there are TESL students who are extremely good in English. Just like one of my breathing dictionaries, Syafiq Razip. He is a Foundation of TESL student and currently at UiTM Shah Alam. He is with Humayra now, both of them are great in English. Like seriously great. I am completely nothing compare with them. When I say he is with Humayra, it means both of them are studying the same course at the same place. Okay. Crap. Shoot. I chose to be a TESL student because I love English. I do have interest in this course. I admire this course.. Not Science. I got C for Chemistry, remember?  I admire the professions of teachers. I love to see when teachers are surrounded by students, behaving like friends. I always have this thought in mind,
 'I've been a student. I know how it feels. I saw things from the sight of a student. And what will I lost if I want to see the view from the sight of an educator?' 
I watched GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka. If you can't understand what I've been nagging about all this time, watch this movie. But it'll be much better if you start with the series first. I am just like any other ordinary girl. I'm trying to be an extraordinary one, perhaps. I'm learning. And I have tons of things to be discovered. To be learned. Do not judge me. Just please pray for my best :')