Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quality Time: Family Vacations

Vector Salam

And hye. K. I don't know why this lately I feel bloody lazy to write. Not just write, I'm lazy to touch my Tochibaba too. Tochibaba not even sleep with me this lately. We're not in the same bed anymore. Sokay Tochibaba, I still love you. I swear. Done with the crap, let's shoot.

20th March 2013 til 21st March 2013 - Kuala Lumpur

*I know me and Giant's eyes are cute so shut up*

Actually we're heading to Port Dickson but that night we decided to stay in KL. Why? SHOPPING. Hihi. Kalau tidoq KL jea confirm confirm ah tidoq City Villa or Brisdale or Adamson. Memang area tu jea dari dulu lagi. Mama sakit kaki punya pasai, kami tidoq la kat City Villa. Right in front of City Villa tu memang tempat shopping. Aku nak shopping tudung hihi tapi unfortunately tudung yang aku cari takdak. Seriously. Mama pun tak beli pa. So kami jalan jalan jea la that night. Nak beli beg, mahai T.T Tomorrow morning, we continued our journey to Port Dickson andddddd that's when I got my result. On my way to Port Dickson and I cried along the way :')

21st March 2013 til 22nd March 2013 - Port Dickson

*I know I look extra cute wearing like that. Thank you*

So, this is Port Dickson HAHAHA. Congrats brother, you've officially graduated from Polytechnic Port Dickson in Seni Bina. Great. You can thank me by build me a bungalow later :) Kalau dah p Port Dickson or Seremban, memang tak sah la kalau tak sampai Nilaiiiiii. So sambung shopping kat Nilai hehe. Mama beli tudung sampai berapa helai tapi tak pakai pung HAHAHAHA. Aku? I bought a tudung bidang 60. Yes, bidang 60. The one that I was wearing in the picture. And that jubah too. Balik from Nilai, p rumah Acik Am. Kena brainwash sebab result wasn't like he expected T.T

22nd March 2013 til 24th March 2013 - Cameron Highland

*Complete The BeTa's*

We went straight to Cameron Highland after we're done with Giant's convocation. Abang and Kak's family had arrived there, waiting for us. Aku tak tukaq baju pun, sampai kat CH memang aku still lagi pakai tudung and jubah tu. Kak dengan Abang tengok aku macam -.- HAHAHAHAHAHA. I said this to my sister, "Well, I'm becoming the old Noor Dina Izadiany *grinning*" If only you know what I mean, you'll think that I'm such a meanie HAHAHAHA damn! I'm talking crap again. K. Ignore that crap. We had fun in CH. We stayed at MARDI's English Cottage. I like that place. Jackets kat sana lawa lawaaaaaaaa. Even though those jackets are just 'bundle' but still, the conditions of them are still good. Dah lah murah murah. Bahagia gila aku tengok jackets and sweaters kat sana. Heaven gila!

5th April 2013 til 6th April 2013 - Perak

*Mama and Abah stood next to each other like strangers because both of them still have wudhuk*

On Friday, we went to Teluk Batik. Lepak situ dulu. Tapi time sampai tu dah nak dekat Maghrib so takdan nak main pantai. Dan main sat jea. And aku cerdik tak bawak tracksuit, adik pun takdak extra so terpaksa la korbankan aku punya jeans T.T Tapi takpa, next day kenduri. Bukannya nak pakai jeans dah hehe. That night p makan dekat satu restaurant ni. Service teruk. Serious tak syiok. Esok tu p kenduriiii. Nothing much to story pun sebenaqnya. Saja ja HAHA.



I wish on this 22nd June, the concert will be like this. Or wayyyy better.
I wish on this 22nd June, I'll standing at the rockpit.
I wish on this 22nd June, I'll be at National Stadium Bukit Jalil.
I wish before 22nd June, I'll have the ticket to