Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 :')

Vector Salam

In 2012, there were a lot of things that happened to me. Yang best banyak, yang tak best lagi banyak. 2012 was a really really big year. Why? Well, if it wasn't that big, takkan la The Mayans sampai buat movie kan? By-the-way, The Mayans said that doomsday postponed. Da fuq? POSTPONED? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA doomsday pun boleh postponed eh The Mayans? Okay okay. Do what you like. We get back to my story.

Gif ni tak sama dengan gif post sebelum ni.

A year had passed. Passed with the memories that it brought. In 2012, I know who are the real friends. I know how to get my mind together. I know how to live well. I know how to handle situations. I know that a bad guy has his own good side either. I faced the SPM. I faced the enemies. I faced the tests that He made. But I know, life won't be easier and I'm sure I'll grow stronger. I just know it. There just lots lotssss of thing that we need to discover. This world have secrets. We just need to find out about His creatures.

Being in love with your bestfriend is .. well, it works for some people. For now, it's still good. We'd fight before. A lots. And that's all because of me. How I wish I can control my anger. But to be honest, I never found a guy like him. A guy that dare to be my punching bag, a guy that stands with my temper. Another year to face, I hope we can face it together.


Big Bang for eternity <3>

Forever Running Man <3>

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