Monday, August 20, 2012

Facts #13

When I don't get a response from you, I freak out. I really like texting you. There's no question in that, I expect an immediate reply back. I know there will be times you're too busy, but when you reply back slow, I can't help but get this idea that you're talking to someone better than me. I seem as if I'm okay with it when you say sorry for texting back slow and what not, but inside, I'm freaking out. Why? Because I want to be the only one you'd want to text and be the one you'd only text, but I guess there are other people out there that you'd rather text. I know that sometimes I get annoying texting you all the time, but the only reason I text you a lot because I like you, and I like talking to you. You're the only person that can make me happy and you're in my head every single minute of the day :')

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