Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Day One: Big Bang Song That Made You A Fan
Gara Gara Go

Day Two: Favorite Big Bang Song

Day Three: Favorite Big Bang Photoshoot
Big Bang
Style Megazine

Day Four: Favorite G-Dragon Hairstyle

Day Five: Favorite Taeyang Eye Smile

Day Six: Favorite Daesung Eye Smile

Day Seven: Favorite Seungri ‘Panda Eyes’ Picture

Day Eight: Favorite TOP Outfit
His hair <3

Day Nine: Favorite Big Bang Pairing

Day Ten: Favorite Award Show Photo
MTV EMA - Worldwide Act

Day Eleven: Favorite Big Bang MV
Can't decide k bai.

Day Twelve: Favorite Wink from the Come To Play Episode

Day Thirteen: A Possible First Girlfriend for Taeyang & Why?
Tae Yang used to love her much. By-the-way, Seungri once proposed Dara to his hyung :)

Day Fourteen: Big Bang Member You Would Date and/or Marry
Kwon JiYong @ G-Dragon

Day Fifteen: Big Bang Member You’d Like To Be Your Best Friend
Lee Seung Hyun @ Seung Ri @ VI

Day Sixteen: Big Bang Member You Would Want To Be Your Sibling
Choi Seung Hyun @ TOP @ Bingutop

Day Seventeen: Big Bang Song That Means A Lot to You or Speaks to You
My Heaven

Day Eighteen: Favorite Big Bang Member & Your Favorite Picture of Them
Kang Dae Sung @ D-Lite

Day Nineteen: Interview/Song/MV/etc. That Made You Fall For Your Bias

Day Twenty: Favorite Song Produced/Written By G-Dragon

Day Twenty-One: Favorite Fancam

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite Big Bang Solo Song
Fantastic Baby

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Big Bang Feature in a Song/MV/etc.
Bad Boy

Day Twenty-Four: Favourite GD and TOP combination song
Knock out

Day Twenty-Five: Favorite Clip From Big Bang TV
Running Man Episode 84-85 : BIGBANG

Day Twenty-Six: Favorite Big Bang Performance
Fantastic Baby (Inkigayo)

Day Twenty-Seven: Favorite Dorky/Funny Picture
Intimate Note : BIGBANG
Family Outing Two Days and One Night

Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite Big Bang Concept
Love Song MV

Day Twenty-Nine: A Song by Big Bang & ? – Your Dream Collaboration
Perhaps it'll be 2PM :)

Day Thirty: Why Are You A VIP?
Because there are damn irrevocably AWESOME! :D

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