Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Love of My Life ♥

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh :)

Yeah mannn. After 5 days gone to that Kembara RC thingy, I'm back home. Hihi. Penat baq hanggg. Tapi bukannya buat pa sangat pun. Jalan jea lebih. Pastu, cuci cuci mata. Hihi. About the Activity Week thingy tu, nanti ah aku story. Yang pasai Kembara RC pun nanti la nah? I wanna tell about things that happened in February first :)

24th February 2012 :)

"When I starts to love someone, it'll be so hard for me to forget her or leave her. Baby, just bear in mind that your heart, I mean our hearts, are ours. We'll keep striving. I love you so much and after all things that we've been through, I'll never leave our relationship until we get to the finish line."

- Ahmad Asyraf Ahmad Rosli

Yes sweetie pie, I know. Comes hell or high water, I'll be by your side. Remember? Amin. Happy seventh monthlyversary, bontot. Heart you, as always. :)

28th February 2012 :)

Another The BeTa's was born oh yeah. So here she is,
Nurain Insyirah binti Jamaludin
3.2 kilogram
Hospital Besar Sultanah Bahiyah
Time dapat baby ni, aku kat maktab, dok busy pasal UNGA. And sudden call abah, nak suruh hantaq Tochibaba, then abah cakap kak dah beranak. Hoyeah hoyeah. Anak anak aku dah betambah. Hihi. Abah suka panggil dia Salasiyah, sebab she was born on Tuesday. Bontot betoi. Lama lama lekat gak nama tu kat dia. -.- Salasiyah ni kecikkkk tapi berat, apa cer? Aku tak berani nak dukung. Hihi. Oke thanks bai.

p/s: Tochibaba aku rosakkkkkkk. T.T

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