Monday, August 1, 2011

Tell me,

Oke dude, i'm going back to that jail. Yeah right, my beloved jail ever. My husband already pack his things and i'm still here, sitting in front of this white Toshiba lappy and chatting with Nazirul Mubin plus Ahmad Faiz Rosli plus Maisarah Mustafa. I gonna get my result for Standardize Test 3 this week. Damn me. I'm so dead. Like seriously, I AM DEAD. No doubt. Anyone, shoot me.

"Do you know why Shrek is the best fairytale? Cause in some fairytales, the princes and the princesses are perfect. But in Shrek, it teaches us that imperfect people can still have their own happy endings. "

And now I've finally found my Shrek. Heart you Ahmad Asyraf Ahmad Rosli

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