Sunday, May 29, 2011


i can't make it without both of you, and you too MAAAR. Thank God that HE gave me you. I know that 'thanks' is not enough to pay your goodness but it is the only thing that i can do. Both of you plus MAAAR, you have done so much things to me ;)

  • be by my side.
  • always there for me.
  • crying shoulder HAHA.
  • know me well.
  • give me advices.
  • give me warning too LALA.
  • treat me like a kid.
  • know how to make me smile.
  • cherish me when i need.
  • teach me what i don't know.
  • be patience with me.
  • stand with my act.
  • always bring out the best in me.

and the best thing is

  • always see something in me that other people can't.

Frankly speaking, i can't make it on my own. Thank you for lending me your strength to delete him from my life. GOSH, i wish when i remove someone from friends in Facebook, it means i already removed him in my real life too. But i know, it doesn't work. (':

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