Saturday, April 2, 2011

Facts #2

Yes baby boo yes. I now that i'm not perfect. You always choose the perfect one so i know that we will never be together. I never expect that this is the end of everything. But you know what? This time i'm really serious about this thing. OVER. It's over baby boo. Listen to the background music. Understand the lyrics and you will know how i feel about you. (':

You were talking to her but messing with me. It's finally clear that you're blurring the lines. Are you disturbed? Oh, now you care why do you race through my red lights? This time i'm really clear about this. I'm done. I deleted your messages in my drafts plus my inbox. I deleted your number in both of my phones. I changed my phone's screen saver. I moved your pictures away. It's too bad that all your love letters were not here. If not i probably throw it away in the thrash or flush it in the toilet but i prefer to see those stupid letters burn in flame. So i gonna make my wish comes true. I will watch the letters burn in flame. I can make a movie too. HAHA. I'm deleting you in my life. You pray for me kan? THANK YOU. *grinning*

Save, save it for her. I'm not gonna hear your reasons and 'please-just-take-me-back'. I don't give a damn, big guy. *sigh* We were never right. Don't waste your breathe. You crashed and you're on your own tonight. Everything i gave you you break it. And i was so hurt that my heart couldn't take it. Boy, you nearly drove me insane. You'd cheat, i'd cry and you'd explain. Over and over the same routine, but me to hold on was such a strain. When i let go, that's when i gained, take note of this, i will never go back to you again.

Have done all this things to me? No kan? HA-HA. It was never love. Thanks dude. Don't say you're sorry. You don't ever mean it because you haven't change. *chuckle*

It's not hard to find someone who will tell you that they love you. It's hard to find someone that actually means it. Am i right? Dear you. I hurt a lot. Thanks for the scars on my heart. You taught me a lesson. The next time i'll fall in love, i want to fall for someone who will make me feel that loving him is the greatest decision i ever made and not just another mistake. You said you needed another time for my mistakes but it's funny how you used that time to have me replaced. Hey boy, you know what? I hate the feeling of missing things i've lost along the way. But somehow i'm not hoping for it's return because i know one day i can accept the fact that
"not all things are meant to stay with me"

Tonight of all times, why is it raining again. It makes me looks so pitiful. Don't try to console me. Move those hands, we're strangers now. Don't worry about me and go away, I'll disappear, no strings attached. You thought i'd hang onto you. It's disgusting, don't misunderstanding. I'll meet someone so much better, i'll make you regret it all. Sadness only for now, boy. Cause love is over. love is over, over tonight. (:

D e a r y o u ,
i know that i am too harsh about this. But i can't take it anymore. It's over.
F U L L S T O P .

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