Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello Hello. (:

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. (:

Sat sat sat. Aku dok tengah feeling lagu Without Words tapi version Hwang Tae Kyung and bukannya version Go Mi Nam. Ada paham? Oke terima kaseh. Oh mannnnnnnnn. I'm talking crap again. Sat sat nak ketuk kepala kat bantai sat. Gila saket! Oke aku muhonk. Nur Syahirah Berhan! Dah la sikit sikit meqapu. Sat g depa mai serang hang kat umah baru hang nak taw. Brrr. =.=


You cannot erase the past;
you must let it go.
You cannot change yesterday;
you must accept the lessons learned.

a n d

You must learn day by day,
year by year,
to broaden your horizon.
The more things you love,
the more you are interested in,
The more you enjoy,
the more you are indignant about,
the more you have left when anything happens.

And Dear GOD, thanks for the New Year gift. (:

Psstttttt. I already got a nephew yesterday, the last day of the year! BHAHAHAHA.


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