Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank you love. (':

Dear my beloved friends. There's something that i want you to know.

Dear Siti Nabilah Mohamad Zainal.
Hey hunny. I never send you any message or any hint bout my currently problem right? Well, i'm sorry. I really do. I just don't want to mess up your brain because of my non-important problem. You have your own problem right? The problem is something that humiliating for me so i keep it to myself. At least for a few first days. Thanks for being concern bout me. I appreciate it much. Hope you will be my roommates for next year. I love you doggy bunny. (':

Dear Farisha Amira Rusman.
Yes babyyyy. I'm so sorry 'cause i didn't tell you earlier bout my problem. I know you quite mad at first and you thought that i was joking and didn't believe me at all and called me 'beautiful liar'. HAHA. But then you started to believe me when i swore to you that i was telling the truth. You sorry for me and asked me to take my time. I'll be fine babe. You know i will. But it can't be as fast as i'm typing this thing. I love you much babe. You are my favourite hubby. Thanks for always being there for me no matter what. (':

Dear Adlina Maisarah Mahadi.
HAHA. I know that you are my daughter. You will always be. Although we are only pretending to be mak and anak but yeahhh, you will always be my favourite daughter. Oke. At least until i get my own real daughter. HAHA. I'm sorry because i didn't tell my story to you either. I know you should know because this is our family problem but hell yeah, i don't want to tell you. HAHA. You can ask your beloved pak tuh sendiri. And then you will get the answer. I will keep my lips locked babe. (':

Dear Ahmad Asyraf Ahmad Rosli.
Aha. This boy is always be there for me too. I mean, when i have a problem with 'him'. HAHA. He had the same faith like so me so that's why i will find him if there's anything happen in my relationship. No matter what it is. But i'm sorry. This time i keep it as my own secret. I just told you the point, not the full story. I can't even speak so how can i tell you the whole story? It is something that i can't be proud of. That's why i just keep my mouth locked. I'm sorry. Really sorry. I think he need you more than me. Go ahead. Console him. I'm already been inconsolable. I will be alright. Time will make me fine. I will. I hope so. HAHA. Thanks boy. (':

a n d

My dear Meow.
HAHA. I can't mention the name here because both of us gonna be killed then. Lalala. Thank you for all the advice that you gave me. You told me that i deserve someone better, someone who will take good care of me and not gonna break my heart. You comfort me well boy, thank you. You already be my friends for years. We share so much of problems and things together. I will never forget you. And sorry because i always be the one who makes your girl jealous to death. HAHA. I don't know what is the big problem anyway. We're best friends, or should i say twin? Yes twinnie. (':

Dear my super duper friends, i appreciate how you being concern about me. I really do. But everyone has their own secret and story right? So i decided to keep this stupid problem by myself. Anyway, it is really good to know that there is some people who still loves me and care about me. I'm still alive and will be fine. Just fine. So, you guys don't have to worry bout me anymore. I can take care of myself. I won't die la weyh! Trust me. Love you!



nabilahzainal said...

Hey Sayang. I'm always here ok. Tak kisah laa you nak nangis ke maki ke just call me out okeyh ? Twinnie ? My PkCk ke ? HAHA. Dia baru break tadi kot.

Syahirah Berhan said...

HAHA. thanks darling. hmm. bkn pkck you laa. dh lma gila kot xcontak dya.